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They say “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Well, it also takes a community of customers, designers, engineers, marketing whizzes, and sales representatives to create a product brainchild.

For example, before HON created and launched its healthcare-focused brainchild, Soothe, we spent several months conducting research and interviews to understand which features are important in a healthcare line and the current furniture solutions that exist in today’s marketplace. The valuable feedback we gained from conversations with patients, caregivers, facilities manager, designers, sales representatives and more allowed us to define the unique needs of those in the healthcare field and identify what gaps needed to be filled.

After processing this information and with the help of our “village”, the healthcare-focused seating and table line, Soothe, was born…on a warm spring day in April, 2015.

In recognition of Soothe’s 1 year anniversary in the HON portfolio, let’s talk about 5 things we especially love about Soothe:

  1. The full Soothe line presents a wide selection of: patient seating, including a high-back patient chair and recliner; guest seating; benches; and tables.
    HON Soothe for Healthcare
  1. Soothe was designed to address the cleanability needs of healthcare environments through wipe-out areas in the back of the guest seating and a selection of graded-in healthcare appropriate fabrics.
  1. Soothe provides the level of durability needed for high-traffic areas in the healthcare arena by being supported by the HON Full Lifetime Warranty and a reinforced leg design on the guest seating to distribute force evenly and provide a sturdy foundation.
  1. Soothe’s patient recliner enhances comfort, safety, and control for the patient and the caregiver. Some of my favorite features include:
  • The pivoting arms which can be easily activated to move the arms fully up and out of the way during patient transfers or examinations
  • Infinite recline feature to allow the patient or caregiver to select from an infinite amount of configurations to create their own comfort
    HON Soothe for Healthcare
  1. Soothe is a strong complement to the rest of the HON portfolio of products, allowing HON to provide a full healthcare solution from the front waiting room to the back administrative offices, and many places in between.

What do you love about Soothe?


Where Adaptability Lives.

We all have our own unique ways of getting things done, and Abode delivers the versatility and functionality needed for each user to call their workstation home.  With the variety of configurations and customizable storage solutions it puts the users in control of their own environment.  Give everybody more of what they want and make them feel more at home with Abode.  

HON Abode Systems Desk

Great Alone. Better Together.

Abode is more than capable of standing alone, but it also creates a consistent aesthetic when integrated with other HON workstations.  The Abode desk is designed to work seamlessly with HON panel systems, Accelerate® and Abound®. It can also be paired with our Coordinate™ Height Adjustable Base for a more flexible and customizable workspace.

HON's Abode Systems Desk

Ready for whatever the future brings.

Abode delivers an unbeatable combination of adaptability and solid craftsmanship.  Every component is covered by the HON Full Lifetime Warranty to provide even more confidence of ownership.  Bring a consistent look throughout your space and be prepared to respond easily to future changes with Abode.

To learn more about Abode, visit the spotlight page at







Okay…so…last month this column made a bold assertion regarding relationships and written warranties. It was even suggested that our readers consider modifying the HON Full Lifetime Warranty into a valentine card.

Well, if one does not follow one’s own advice, one should not be giving advice at all. So…this Blogger followed his own recommendations, and created what turned out to be a mantle piece, mounted right above the ol’ flat screen, for guests to view and contemplate.

Admittedly, one did not cut out the Warranty from the front page of the Pricer (which would amount to defacing Company Property). Instead, one extracted the words out of the PDF and pasted them in a nice PowerPoint auto-shape. Not quite able to fit the words to a heart, a banner was selected. The local card store provided the lacey laser cut background (MOST EXPENSIVE ONE IN THE STORE).

And voila, perhaps the fondest expression of personal commitment since a Shakespearean sonnet (and more readable to boot)! I trust you’ll find the transcription inspiring. My wife certainly did…

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This week I had 7 calls in to my local Internet provider, trying to get my new home wireless network to actually work on the net. After loading my 18-digit network key about 14 times, my helpdesk person asked me, “How old is that computer?” We looked it up and discovered that it’s 10 years old. He explained that the working life of a modern laptop used to be 7 years. Then it was lowered to 4.5 years. Now, he tells me, it’s 3. So…it was all my fault.

So…we pay several hundred dollars, for features we (by “we” I mean “mid-lifers”) don’t use…and an operating system that doesn’t work as well as the last one, and apps that crash…with the assurance that in 3 frenetic years it will be ready for recycling! Three years!! Please!! My grandma had the same refrigerator for 40! The average car on the road is just over 10!

On the other end of the spectrum, I sit at home at a HON 11600 Series “shell” desk which I installed myself in 1995 (and which we discontinued in 2008) and it’s doing JUST FINE…thank you very much.

Which brings me (finally) to the point of this colorful rambling narrative, The HON Full Lifetime Warranty.  And the only way I can actually get there is by way of Korea. Anybody here ever heard of Hyundai? If you were out of middle school in the early 90s, you remember the first Sonata. It was kind of plain, had a lot of features for the money, and the HON INDUSTRIES Credit Union had one for sale in the parking lot. It looked a lot better than my rusted out ’88 Mercury Sable (which wasn’t saying much) and the price was do-able for a family of 6. So I looked it up in Consumer Reports. It flunked royally. Seems like the oil pump or something was totally unreliable.

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