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Whether you are looking to motivate your team or just bring a touch of fun to your personal office space, inspirational quotes can spruce up any work environment and promote positivity.


At The HON Company, we follow our GREEN initiative closely.  Whether it is our Comold seating using recovered wood fibers or our paint reclamation recycling overspray, we are all about finding ways to repurpose and recycle materials to keep as much out of the landfills as possible.

With this thought in mind, I wanted to create some fun artwork for the office that uses reclaimed wood and a couple basic materials that you can find around the house. I chose the phrase “Make Things Happen” as a constant reminder to strive to do my best every day.

Starting with a 2×4 piece of scrap wood, old pallet wood or leftover boards from a home improvement project, determine the length you wish your phrase to be, allowing a good inch on each end.


Using a scroll saw, band saw or table saw, cut the wood to size.  I find when I am working on these types of projects, it is easier to cut several pieces and work on them in a batch. Why clean up the mess more than once, right?


Lightly sand the edges to prevent splinters and add 1-2 coats of paint, allowing at least a half hour drying time between each coat.  I selected a basic black acrylic paint that I had on hand.  You can use acrylic craft paint found at any craft or super store or some leftover house paint.  We all have a few cans of this sitting around!

If you like the aged look like I do, once the paint is dry to the touch, sand it slightly along the edges using 80-100 grit sand paper or sanding sponge and hit the edges that would “naturally” be worn over time.


I used a die cut machine to create my phrase.  Lay the sign vinyl out on the surface using contact paper or vinyl film release and press to adhere securely to your painted surface.  This takes patience and gentle pressure to adhere securely and prevent lifting.  Try using an old gift card or something similar to press it down evenly.


If you prefer, you can use a contrasting paint color and stencil your phrase onto the wood. You can buy stencils online or at nearly any craft store. You can also create your own out of some cardboard and a sharp craft knife.  Paint your block with the 1-2 coats of the base color first allowing it to dry fully before layering the stencil color.  Follow up with your contrasting color, allowing that paint to dry fully and apply a light clear coat to make dusting easier if you used only paint.  Word of caution: avoid the clear coat if you used the vinyl technique as it can cause the vinyl to lift.


As a finishing touch to mine, I used a gold paint pen I had left over from an old craft project and just touched the edges around the front to “glam” it up a bit.


Place your finished masterpiece in your office space and enjoy!  These would make great additions to any conference room or community space in your office to promote teamwork and motivate everyone.


What are some other fun quotes you could use?  Here are just a handful of ideas:

Dream Big- Work Hard


Think like a Customer

Whatever the problem—Be part of the solution

Teamwork makes the Dream work




Have you checked out the new look and feel of With a new year and a new website, we wanted to share a few key parts of our story that inspired these changes:

We surround ourselves with smart people
HON’s award-winning designers and forward-thinking engineers never stop tinkering. That curiosity creates furniture that’s easier to use. And more importantly, furniture that makes you more comfortable. Our updated product spotlight pages on will give you information on some of the smart people with whom we have the privilege to partner, so be sure to check out their bios!

We obsess over little things.
We study the science of ridiculously small details to design you better tables, desks and chairs and make sure that every HON product is designed, engineered, tested, delivered and displayed with pride. We test, push, pull and stretch our products over 10,000 times a day in our lab to make sure your furniture works great and lasts a long time. With our enhanced zoom features on the new, it’s now easier than ever to get a close up view of these fine details. Test it out on the Solve® spotlight page to see for yourself!

We’re always there. Always HON Ready.
With a national HON dealer network and our manufacturing headquarters right here in the heartland of the United States, we are always close. Not just from a distance perspective, but from a relationship perspective. As far as we’re concerned, you’re the only reason why we’re here, and the new makes it even easier for us to give you what you’re looking for. Want to find your local HON dealer? Check out the Dealer Locator tool. Looking for some inspiration or want to see our products in action? Visit a HON showroom. Have a question for our Customer Support team? Fill out this short form. No matter your need, HON has a solution.

We do what’s right. Every time.
We care about what it means to be a company born in America, a company that considers the wellbeing of our members and the people we serve, and a company that takes pride in its products to help you win every workday. You can feel just how much we care in our warranty – a straightforward, binding promise to you that, in the rare event something isn’t perfect, HON will fix it or replace it.

We also care about our planet and will remain committed to sustainable business practices. You see, green is much more than just our favorite color! HON works hard to reduce its environmental footprint by maximizing raw materials, decreasing waste in the production process and minimizing indoor air emissions. In fact, our company was started by creating products out of scrap metal – read our environmental responsibility story on to learn more!

Surrounding ourselves with smart people, obsessing over little things, staying continuously focused on being there for you and doing what’s right have always been a part of who we are at HON – we’re just working on taking it to the next level this year.

What are some of your workplace goals for 2017?

Low Carbon Footprint. Sustainability. PVC free. If you are in the office furniture world, these words are all too familiar to you. It seems like the majority of office spaces being designed or renovated today are working to achieve some type of green certification. Furniture (and even the fabrics used on your furniture) can play a large part in meeting these qualifications. For this reason, it’s important to be educated on the topic of sustainabillity so you can help consult your customer on making the right decision when designing a more eco-friendly work environment.

Office Furniture green certifications

As a sales representative in the office furniture world, customers frequently ask for products that are built using environmentally safe manufacturing processes or that are built from recycled or recyclable content. This is common on Requests For Quotes (RFQs) from large corporations or government buildings, but where do you start? The key is to look for green furniture certifications – and we aren’t talking about the color!

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental design, is one of the biggest certifications in the office furniture world.  It focuses on how the product is manufactured by paying attention to the potentially harmful materials that go into making the product. LEED also looks at how much of those materials are recyclable and what potentially harmful chemicals may be emitted during the production process. There are several different levels of certifications furniture can achieve through LEED, but the bottom line is this: if it is LEED certified, it is produced in a way that is better for the environment.

The HON Company uses LEED guidelines when manufacturing furniture by using compression molded seat and back components made from 97% recovered wood fiber, which ends up saving over 2,800 trees a year. HON also recycles bales of fabric scraps which keeps 100 tons of waste out of landfills each year. There are several other processes embraced by The HON Company that have led to more than 75% of our products being LEED certified, which you can read more about in our Environmental Responsibility brochure.

HON is focused on sustainability and lean manufacturing

Beyond just our products, The HON Company takes LEED certification very seriously when it comes to buildings as well. The HON Company headquarters is LEED silver certified. When HON headquarters was renovated in 2007, becoming LEED certified was a priority. The HON Washington DC showroom is also LEED Silver certified. HON continues to invest in creating a more sustainable environment by LEED certifying both its properties and products.

Furniture and its materials can play a large role in creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable work environment. The more educated you are on this topic, the better you will be at guiding your customers to the best HON furniture solutions for their office!


Here at HON, green is so much more than just our favorite color. It all started when we began making card files from pieces of scrap metal almost 70 years ago.

HON Sustainability

Today, we are just as committed to conserving raw materials and reducing waste in our design, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Here are 6 ways in which The HON Company minimizes its environmental footprint:

  1. Recycled Counterweights – Rather than using new plates of steel for counterweights, HON converts waste material known as mill scale from a local steel plant into counterweights. This manufacturing process promotes waste reduction by diverting the mill scale from the landfills. As someone who has spent time working this process, I can tell you it is no easy task!
  2. Paint Reclamation – Our powder coat finishes are applied in a chamber that continuously collects any excess paint. HON manufacturing locations recycle more than 27,000 gallons of wet paint each year.
  3. Comold – As an alternative to plywood, comold is used in many of the HON seating components. Comold is composed of 97% compressed wood fiber wastes and molded into the structural seating components. This process saves 2,800 trees and diverts nearly 4,000 tons of waste from landfills annually!
  4. Disassembly Instructions – HON provides its dealers with disassembly instructions and recycling guidelines to assist with proper disposal of office furniture components at the end of their useful life.
  5. Fabric Recycling – We collect our scrap fabric and turn it over to a company that shreds it for use in “shoddy.” Shoddy is the material found in the trunks and floors of automobiles. Annually, we recycle 200-300 bales of fabric scraps – keeping 100 tons of waste out of landfills
  6. Bulk Packing – As an ongoing effort, HON is always working to reduce the amount of material used to package products. It is a challenge to minimize packaging while maintaining the protection required by our high quality standards, but we have gotten creative by bulk packing multiple items in a single package.

To learn more about how HON thinks green as well as our company philosophy on sustainability, visit

HON wants to know! How does your office stay green?

Green Office Design - HON Initiate

Even though green may be our favorite color at HON, this is not exactly what having a green office means. The design industry has moved leaps and bounds in the last decade to improve the quality and sustainability of the built environment. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is a nonprofit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings ( Okay, so how exactly do they decide what is considered cost-efficient and energy-saving?

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a rating system used by the USGBC to determine how sustainable a project is, by a list of requirements that the project must meet. Since no two projects are alike, LEED has several categories for which a project can fall under to be rated. The categories range from new construction to healthcare all the way to homes and neighborhood development. Once in a category, you are given credits based on sub-categories. The main credit categories for scoring are included below. LEED is much, much more than just a rating system though; to learn more about the USGBC and LEED visit


Did you know that HON is a proud member of the USGBC? Almost all of our desks, chairs, files and workstations are in compliance with several LEED Interior Design & Construction credits! Here at our headquarters building, HON underwent a major renovation about 3 years ago and became LEED Silver Certified.

To check out just how green HON design is, visit to read up on our green story.

Our Initiate® workstations are featured in the image above. Now that looks like green design!

How do you and your company stay green?

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