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According to Virgin Pulse, 66% of American workers report that positive relationships in the workplace increase their productivity. While you’re bound to grow close to coworkers when you work in the same department or help with the same projects, finding common interests that expand beyond the office walls will solidify those friendships.

For example, I am an avid runner. Many other HNI members share this hobby and great friendships have formed. We enjoy finding opportunities to run together, such as at the HNI 5K that takes place every August. If running isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to bond with fellow employees!

Pick a day of the week to sit in the break room for lunch or leave the office and grab a bite together. This will help you to decompress from the morning, but also have a little fun with friends before finishing up the day. You can also schedule an after work dinner or a weekend coffee get together to build the friendships outside of the office.

Another way to grow closer to your coworkers is to participate in volunteer activities together. Whether it’s Junior Achievement or the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, volunteering is a great way to meet and/or hang out with your coworkers outside of work. Plus, this is also a great resume builder for when you’re ready to take your next move!

I highly recommend getting to know your workspace neighbors – you might find out that you have more in common than office furniture!

Finding a shared hobby, such as running, is a great way to bond with your coworkers.

Finding a shared hobby, such as running, is a great way to bond with your coworkers.


Happy Thanksgiving from The HON Company

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because I love any excuse to spend time in my kitchen, try new recipes and make delicious food to share with others. It’s also a time of year when we’re focused on gratitude, finding new ways to show appreciation and give back to our communities.

While Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday spent with friends and family, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate with your “office family”, or colleagues, as well. Here are a few ways you can bring a little Thanksgiving spirit into your workplace:

  • Thank your customers. Showing appreciation for your most valued partners helps to cultivate important relationships. Even something as simple as a “Thank You” card can make all the difference!
  • Schedule a lunch with your teammates or employees. It’s not always easy to find the time to say thanks during a busy day at work, so finding time to show your appreciation outside of normal working hours may be the best solution. It can also be a great team-building experience!
  • Plan an office potluck. Invite your team to bring in their favorite Thanksgiving dishes to share, or encourage team-building by hosting an internal taste-testing or food display contest. You can even put up Thanksgiving or fall-inspired decorations for some added fun!
  • Donate to a local charity. The holiday season is a time when many organizations are promoting big fundraising campaigns and raising funds in order to provide community meals. A great way to give back to your community during this time is to host a food drive and collect items for a local pantry. Another idea is to plan a casual dress day at work, encouraging members to contribute to an important cause in exchange for the opportunity to wear less formal attire. You can build excitement by giving employees the opportunity to vote for their favorite local charities!

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, what are some of the ways you celebrate Thanksgiving in your office?

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