SmallFootprint_2_IWM2AHMNT10T_2When planning or remodeling an office you think about the most obvious things such as flooring, the color of the walls and what type of furniture will be used.  What about the lighting? Have you ever put much thought into this and how it will affect your daily productivity?  Bad lighting in your office can cause eye strain, persistent headaches,   bad moods and unproductive levels of work activity.  You should have lighting that not only complements a space but also makes the space comfortable.  Here are 5 ways that you can achieve great lighting.

Create Daylight in Your Office

Create daylight by making sure windows are not blocked and are free of clutter.  Natural daylight is the best lighting for your eyes and will help reduce strain as you work.

Furniture Configuration

Position your desk so it is perpendicular to the closest window. The 90 degree angle will reduce reflection on your computer monitor making it easier to work while enjoying the natural light that is coming in.

Reduce Shadows

The use of overhead lighting fixtures will greatly reduce shadows. Use in multiples of two and position to the left and right of your desk.

Reduce Reflection and Glare

Bright light will “wash out” your computer monitor making it difficult to work.  The use of blinds or window tint is a wonderful and temporary fix for when the sun is at its strongest projecting into your workspace.

Buy a Desk Lamp

Create additional light when you want it, when you need it by adding a desk lamp to your work space. Task lamps with adjustable arms work the best. Also, be careful of brightly colored and fun lamps.  They initially may seem cheerful, but can come off as unprofessional and distracting to others in the workplace.

What tactics do you use to create great lighting in your office?