Finding the perfect office chair is almost as hard as finding your soulmate. It can be a piece you invest a bulk of your budget into, which means you want something not only built for the long haul, but that you’ll like for the long haul. And whatever your design aesthetic is, there are a few things you should always consider when buying your perfect office chair.

The Old Faithful

Standard office chairs might seem a bit boring, but man are they comfortable. They’re built for long hours, which can save your back, neck and sanity. Unique or fancier chairs might look cool, but they are generally pretty uncomfortable and offer no support. You have to think which you would prefer: a practical office chair that offers you all day comfort or a unique chair that will have you running to the masseuse? They might not be the most elaborate-looking chairs, but they’ll always be there for you.

The Modern Upgrade

So you want comfort, but you don’t want to sacrifice style either. You want a chair that will be there to get through the week, but you don’t want to frown every time you look at it, very understandable. You want to go for a chair that’s built like the Old Faithful, but with a youthful spin. I love the colored seats and mesh backs, it gives the chairs a really modern look, while still offering you all of the comfort you’d find in your everyday office chair.

The Boss

You’re the CEO of the company, the head of a department or maybe you’re just the boss of yourself, and you want your office chair to reflect that. You want a chair that’s bold and different and sets you apart. Whether it’s a big, leather armchair or a trendy accent piece, you want your chair to say something about you and what you do. No doubt these chairs will be impeccably made and will be an office staple for years.

What’s your perfect office chair style?