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Cupid and the Stork are delivering two special gifts this month: Valentine’s Day and the celebration of Voi’s 5th year in the HON product portfolio!  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and Voi’s 5th “birthday” with HON, here are 5 things we love about Voi:

  1. It’s Flexible! Voi can provide a teaming, semi-private, or private office solution with its variety of worksurface, storage, and privacy.HON Voi
  2. It’s Modern, Transitional, and Traditional! Depending on the material selection (laminate, mixed materials), laminate colors, and storage components, Voi can accommodate a more traditional look with a darker woodgrain option and end panels, a transitional feel with a dual-tone laminate option, or modern space with brilliant white worksurfaces and its signature Voi O-Leg.HON Voi
  3. It helps you future-proof! Since Voi is comprised of modular components and non-handed designs, it can be easily re-arranged into different layouts, repurposed, and expanded as the needs of your work space change.HON Voi
  4. Standing height friendly! Whether you want a sit-to-stand workstation with a height adjustable table or a permanent Voi standing height desk, Voi can provide you the right solution!HON Voi
  5. It’s always growing! Since Voi’s birth into HON world 5 years ago, it has gained 4 expansions, with more to come!HON Voi

Want to learn more about Voi? Download the brochure!

As we wish Voi a Happy 5th Birthday this Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating several other anniversaries of the following HON products and resources this month!

  • February 1st: Abound panel system – 7 years
  • February 9th: Huddle tables – 6 years
  • February 9th: HON Forward Blog – 4 years
  • February 14th: Voi – 5 years
  • February 18th: Accelerate panel system – 3 years
  • February 20th: Motivate table and seating line – 4 years
  • February 29th: HON Mobile Gallery – 4 years

cold weather blues

If there is one thing this seemingly never-ending winter has taught me, it’s how to find joy in life when it’s nothing but white, gray, and dark brown outside.  There were days when it seemed like even the sun didn’t want to come outside—and who could blame it?  Negative 50 degrees?  No thank you!  However, as someone who has bills to pay and work to do, I had to brace myself and venture out into the Midwestern version of the Arctic Tundra.  Since I prefer being outside to enjoy the bright colors of spring, summer, and fall, this winter was particularly rough.

One of the things that helped me this winter was finding new challenges, both personally and professionally.  There’s a clichéd New Year’s Resolution that a lot of people make to “Try Something New Every Day.”  I’m a bit of a creature-of-habit, so that doesn’t really appeal to me.  However, since this winter continues to drag out, I’ve had to broaden my horizons a bit.  Some areas I have been more adventurous in include.

  • Trying new recipes. Who knew I would actually like quinoa and kale chips?  Granted, this stemmed from my goal to eat a little healthier this year, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Be more creative.  A few of my friends and I recently took a painting class, and it was a great experience.  I’m no Van Gogh, but I enjoyed it regardless.  I also have a cake decorating class on my list of to-dos.
  • Challenge myself with new workouts.  Working out (along with the healthier eating as mentioned above) is a necessity, whether I like it or not.  This winter I have tried some more challenging HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, hot yoga, and strength training.  Exercise is a great way to boost your mood!
  • Tackle that last item on your to-do list.  I’ve found that since I have more time to stay inside, I’ve accomplished quite a few things.

Along with trying new things, another way to boost your mood if you have the winter doldrums is through interactions with other people.  Staying engaged with activities at work, visiting friends, even something that seems insignificant like going out to eat can brighten your day, since interacting with other people can often take your mind off of your troubles.

Last and certainly not least is to relax and take time for yourself.  Feel like spending the day lounging on the couch in your PJs with a good book?  Do it!  (As long as it’s a weekend!)  Go out for a spa day with some friends, go shopping, take a weekend trip, or eat that piece of cake that you maybe don’t need…all of these things will help you feel better.

It’s important to remember that, even though it doesn’t feel like it, the seasons will change and winter will be over soon enough.  However, with the cold days lingering, and the hint of snow still in the air, don’t forget to take a little time for yourself to keep those blues away.

How do you battle the bad weather blues?

5837422302_a337a6967b_bThe HON Company strives to be your manufacturer of choice – and we want it to be an easy choice.  Right now, the Dealer Services Group at HON is taking a look at how we can make your lives easier and help you grow your HON business.

The Dealer Services Group is a strategic initiative underway to help you win more projects with HON. My name is Rachel Sarafin and I’m a DSG Specialist. My job is to make HON “Easy to Do Business With”.

What does it mean to be “Easy to Do Business With?” At night when my husband-to-be is trying the newest video game or watching football, I fill my time the same few online shopping retailers. Which ones do I choose to do business with? I choose the websites with free shipping and free returns (talking about you, Zappos!) I choose the retailers that are reliable and deliver my new shoes complete and on time. I recently trusted an online website of a major department store to deliver a HUGE purchase (my wedding dress). When that dress was back-ordered, I received a prompt email and friendly customer service. To me, “easy to do business with” isn’t hard to identify – and it makes all the difference.

What makes HON easy to do business with?

1.  Project Services: HON offers a suite of services to help you present a strong solution to your customer. Let us do the work and we will provide you with tools like photo-realistic renderings and competitive pricing to get the job done. COMING SOON – you’ll have one platform to manage the full portfolio of HON services!

2. HON Daily: There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a purchase, only to learn it is weeks away from my doorstep.  With the new look and feel of HON Daily, you can feel confident providing your customers the best solution with some of the best lead times in the industry.

3. HON’s Full Lifetime Warranty: Every time you purchase a HON product you’re making an investment in your future. You can trust us to do our best for as long as you need us! The HON Full Lifetime Warranty is backed by our notoriously awesome customer support team.

4. Dealer Services Group: That’s me! I’m here to make your life easier and manage your project services. Call 1.800.321.5385 or email anytime for project help!

Thanks for choosing HON!  What else can we do to make HON “Easy to Do Business With?”

Contrary to the ever-popular Wizard of Oz, HON Customer Support wants you to know the “man behind the curtain”. Or, in this case, phone. When you call Customer Support, you’ll connect with one of our forty team members to provide a part, product, solution, or status.  Our mission is to be easy to do business with (ETDBW) and to serve our loyal customer base with flawless efficiency.

One may ask what some of our most common queries are, and you might be surprised! Below, we’ll examine some of our most common questions and follow the yellow brick road to your answers:

  1.  Order Status and Changes: What’s this, you might ask? ‘What is my Acknowledgement Date?’ is one of our most common questions. We’re always happy to provide this information, and so is HON Ready. The Order Status Application, located under the Order Management tab, has readily accessible information, searchable by Purchase Order number, Shipping Order number, Load or Invoice number. If you’d rather speak to a human being, Customer Support will always answer your call!
  1. Date Improvements: Ah, the ever elusive “need-it-yesterday” ship date.  To provide quick turnaround, we’ve implemented programs to assist in these markets. Our HON Daily Programs, namely HON Daily On Demand (HDOD) and HON Daily Chairs Direct, are quick ships designed to give you want you need, deliver it fast, and help you sell more HON. Each program targets a market niche. For instance, our Chairs Direct program gives you dozens of models and a plethora of options. The best part? Your chair(s) ship in two business days. What a deal!
  1. Tracking and Delivery Information: On the lookout for your HON truck? If you’re anything like me, before I came to HON as a rosy-cheeked college graduate, I knew little to nothing about freight carriers. With some time and training, I became a logistics guru. The experts at Customer Support can provide you with up to date tracking information to assist in scheduling your installer or working with your end user. In addition, we can obtain Proof of Deliveries, Bills of Lading, and circle sheets if necessary. If you happen to be playing “Spot the HON Truck”, my Customer Support cohorts and I are experts; we can spot one right now near you!

toy trucks

  1. Fabrics and Finishes: Personally, my favorite textile is Brisa Birch (RS64) and the ever popular Whisper Vinyl comes in a strong second. Customer Support receives many calls on this topic, whether it is clarification on a color code, understanding available options, or checking to see which patterns are a part of our Preferred Fabrics. In this, the List Pricer is one of our best references. Our well worn pricer pal gives us a variety of options and codes to choose from; and we’re accustomed to flipping through to help you find the best fit. Additionally, is an excellent resource to find codes, patterns, and pictures of these textiles.
  1. Serial Number Information and Warranty: What’s in a serial number? Everything! By providing us with a serial number, Customer Support can hone in on your particular model, check warranty, determine original order information, and find Toto, too. Not only can we see if you’ve spoken to someone else in Customer Support about your unit, but we can also check if we’ve already sent you parts. Almost every unit produced at HON has a serial number, and they’re all unique (which makes for quite a few!). ‘What is your serial number?’ is likely to be one of the first questions we’ll ask you- and now you know why!

Remember, Customer Support is here to be a resource for you; we’re [HON] ready to help! Contact HON Customer Support at or 1.800.833.3964!

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