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Need a new desk for your home office? How about some furniture to get your startup company rolling? With HON’s new 101 Series, it’s easy to quickly choose the configuration that fits you best and allow yourself to focus on the work that needs to be done. This series includes a number of functional storage options, as well as large worksurfaces to keep your productivity at its highest.

101 Series is stylish and easy to install

Four laminate options, three tackboard colors, and polished handles let you focus on the essentials to create a professional environment. We’ve also provided pre-assembled layouts to make installation even easier! 101 Series is about understanding the needs of business owners and respecting their time. Best part about it all – this modern, condensed, easy-to-specify desk series comes with HON’s Full Lifetime Warranty.

101 Series gives you a HON branded product at a great price

To get back to the basics of productivity with HON’s 101 Series, visit the product spotlight page today for more information.



Office Furniture Rocks

When I joined the HON Marketing team last year, I was completely new to the office furniture world. It didn’t take me long to realize that, the moment you enter this industry, there are certain aspects of your everyday life that are forever changed:

1.  Vacations
Most people would probably want to check out from work on a vacation, but those of us in this field know that’s not how it works. My trips turn into a personal scavenger hunt to find HON product around the world or to spot a HON truck while I’m on the road. Plus, these sightings make great #HONSpotted posts on social media!

2.  Routine Appointments
You think you’ve scheduled an innocent trip to the dentist, but once you walk into that reception area and sit down in an Ignition lounge chair, it’s impossible not to tell everyone in the room that you are part of the team that made that chair possible. You aren’t afraid to turn chairs upside down during routine health check-ups, and instantly transform into a savvy Soothe salesperson whenever a patient room is lacking HON furniture.

3.  Common Office Lingo
You find yourself correcting your friends and family when they say the “C” word (it’s not a cubicle, it’s a workstation!). You also feel like it’s your job to educate people on the specific type of chair they sit in (it’s not just a chair, it’s a task chair) as well as their storage choices (Contain credenzas are a great solution for active storage needs, for instance).

4.  Movies
When you work in the office furniture industry, it’s not unusual to pause a movie every few minutes to analyze the furniture and celebrate loudly when you spot HON products….or to pause it, snap a photo of the TV screen, and send it via group text to all of your coworkers so you can talk about how much more you now love said movie.

5.  Organization
Let’s be honest, filing bills is no fun…unless you’re using a HON filing cabinet! When you understand the history behind how our products have evolved, from recipe card boxes made out of recycled steel to comprehensive workplace solutions, simple storage techniques have a whole new meaning.

6.  Your own home
I’ve had recurring dreams since NeoCon about finding space in my home for all of the awesome new HON furniture from our Chicago showroom, and I’ve found that there’s always a way to add it to your existing décor. Updating a home office? A new Height Adjustable Table will look great! Redecorating a playroom? Adding some Flock minis with a fun new fabric should do the trick!

7.  Where you work
When you sit in the chair you designed, or work at the desk you’re tasked to create marketing campaigns around all day long, you develop a whole new level of appreciation for the furniture that supports you throughout the day. And, when you know you can trust the tools that support you, it’s easier to make a difference and feel ready to change the world.

How has office furniture changed your life?

Whether you have a remote job or just work from home occasionally, here are 7 great tips to help you make the most of your workday:

1. Set aside a place exclusively for work

Laying in bed while you try to crank out a report won’t really feel like work, will it? Set aside a place in your home, whether it’s an office or not, that is intended only for work. This will help  eliminate distractions and increase productivity.

2. Create a daily work schedule

It’s easy to get sucked into working long hours if you’re a person that never leaves your house, or not working enough hours if you’re a person who gets distracted easily. It’s important to create a schedule, and stick to it.

3. Network through social media

If you regularly work from home, it’s a good idea to join and stay active in professional networks such as LinkedIn and even Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of business trends and other news. When you work from home it is easy to become closed off and out of the loop, but consistent professional interaction can help.

4. Keep a regular routine

Even though no one from work will be able to see you writing that proposal in your pajamas, it’s essential to keep a regular morning routine. Showering, getting ready and eating breakfast will help you wake up and prepare for the day.

5. Regularly check in with coworkers

Keeping in touch and communicating regularly with coworkers throughout the week will help you stay engaged with work that is being done in the office.

6. Understand employer’s expectations

Will you be expected to work the same hours? How often will you need to come to the office, if at all? It’s important to have this conversation with your employer to ensure there are no gray areas.

7. Set boundaries with family and friends

Although working from home makes you appear to be available to family and friends, it’s important to set boundaries with these groups. Whatever you don’t get done during working hours will need to be pushed back, and sticking to a schedule is key.

What tips or advice do you have for working from home?

So, you hate going to the office. Not because of the work, of course, but because you hate your workspace. Is your office boring? Are you tired of the décor? Looking to make a change, but have no idea where to start? You’re not alone. Taking the first step to changing your office space is always the hardest, but putting it off is only going to make you hate your  office more. Try to take your office redo one easy step at a time.

Pinterest Design

1. Get inspired

When I need a little design inspiration, I turn to everyone’s favorite online bulletin board: Pinterest. Pinterest has  hundreds of gorgeous office looks, DIY projects and wishlists to look at in order to build your dream office. I post on
here daily so I can always have inspiring spaces a few clicks away. I’d suggest creating a separate board just for your office redo in order to motivate and inspire you, as well as track all of your ideas.

2. Be realistic

If you have limited space or a limited budget, you have to be realistic on how to change your workspace. If you’re renting an office space, you’re obviously not going to be able to knock out walls for that loft feel you love. I don’t think you need to do construction in order to have an awesome workspace/office, so think outside of “permanent” changes. If you have a small space for just a desk at home, you won’t be redoing an entire room. You can still have a great space no
matter how big, so keep that in mind.

Image via Increatables

Image via Icreatables

3. Take it one piece at a time

Whatever it is that bothers you so much about your office, be it your walls, your carpet, or your furniture, try redoing a piece at a time. Start by changing the walls with a new paint job or temporary wallpaper or decorative panels. Get a
new desk or a new chair and see how you feel. Making these changes one at a time, instead of all at once, will be less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Most importantly, keep a list of all the changes you want to make otherwise you won’t know what to do or where to go!

Image via AP

Image via AP

4. Rearrange things (Even the President does it!)
If you can’t find anything wrong with the decor itself, maybe it’s the position of everything that’s bothering you. Recently, I moved my workspace from my office’s main room and into an enclosed office and I feel SO much better. Try
moving your desk to the opposite wall or shifting things around in your cubicle, even the most subtle of changes can help you love your space a little more.

What are some quick solutions to solving the lack of love of your workspace?

333Sayeh, The Office Stylist, is a guest contributor to the HON Forward Blog. Check out her bio on our Meet The Team page!

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