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Where Adaptability Lives.

We all have our own unique ways of getting things done, and Abode delivers the versatility and functionality needed for each user to call their workstation home.  With the variety of configurations and customizable storage solutions it puts the users in control of their own environment.  Give everybody more of what they want and make them feel more at home with Abode.  

HON Abode Systems Desk

Great Alone. Better Together.

Abode is more than capable of standing alone, but it also creates a consistent aesthetic when integrated with other HON workstations.  The Abode desk is designed to work seamlessly with HON panel systems, Accelerate® and Abound®. It can also be paired with our Coordinate™ Height Adjustable Base for a more flexible and customizable workspace.

HON's Abode Systems Desk

Ready for whatever the future brings.

Abode delivers an unbeatable combination of adaptability and solid craftsmanship.  Every component is covered by the HON Full Lifetime Warranty to provide even more confidence of ownership.  Bring a consistent look throughout your space and be prepared to respond easily to future changes with Abode.

To learn more about Abode, visit the spotlight page at


Valentine ’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t prepared any celebrations for your office yet, we are here to help!  Below are 5 HON-inspired Valentine’s Day greetings that you may share with your coworkers this holiday:


Your support helps Accelerate my productivity!


I am so thankful that you are part of our Flock®!


I appreciate your hard work from the Nucleus® of my heart!


I hope we stay friends for 10500 more years!


I can’t Contain my appreciation for you!

What are some of the fun ways you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the office?

In honor of Voi’s 1st birthday, we’re celebrating by giving away Voi Magnetic Poetry kits to the first 10 people who post photos of themselves with Voi on our Facebook page- in the showroom, at work, at home… wherever.

Here are some tools to take advantage of— all on the Voi Spotlight Page on the HON Ready Portal. Get ready to fall in love all over again.

Image Library: Hundreds of Voi images available for download.







Brochure & Cut Sheets: Read up on Voi with the brochure and various cut sheets, depending on your preferred footprint.

Video Showcase: Watch Voi come to life with the full-length and teaser animations.

Qualifier Tool: Build your Voi the way you want it. Specify application, footprint, aesthetics, storage needs, and coordinated color palettes. A PDF is also created with image, finishes, and bill of materials.






Patterns of Choice: These carefully selected palettes of coordinating finishes are organized to help you express whatever style you’re after.









Selection Guide: Demonstrate how easy Voi is to specify with step-by-step instructions.

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