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Winter blues got you down?  Touring a warm and inviting HON showroom is just what the doctor ordered. With locations in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Muscatine, Iowa you’ll soon be saying, “#Jonas and #Kayla who”?

New York:

Located near the iconic Flatiron building and historic Madison Square Park, our New York showroom is filled with natural light and mixed materials – an expression of HON’s strength and authenticity.  The bright pops of color and playful accessories are a nod to the building’s early roots as a toy factory.  Looking for an opportunity to “play” in this vibrant space?  Register for HON Product Training on April 12-13 or HON Product for Designers on April 14-15.

HON's New York Showroom

HON's New York Showroom

HON's New York Showroom


Housed on the 11th floor of the Merchandise Mart – which until recently was the largest commercial building in the world, with its own ZIP code! – our Chicago showroom pairs sophistication with sustainable perfection.  The space is transformed on an annual basis for NeoCon and showcases our latest product innovations, as well as a spectacular view of the Chicago River.   Planning a trip to the Windy City?  Be sure to enroll in HON Product Training on March 8-9, and of course we’d love to see you at NeoCon June 13-15.

HON's Chicago Showroom

HON's Chicago Showroom

HON's Chicago Showroom

Washington, D.C.:

Our Washington, D.C. showroom is just a few blocks from the White House, so it’s only natural that it was inspired by the monuments of the nation’s capital…there’s even a “HON Monument”!  The welcoming atmosphere showcases a universal workstation concept focused on reliable, collaborative options.  Looking forward to enjoying the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin?  There’s a good chance they will open up just in time for HON Product Training on April 26-27.

HON's Washington DC Showroom

HON's Washington DC Showroom

HON's Washington DC Showroom

HON Headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa:

Right at home in the HON Headquarters building, our Muscatine showroom interplays history and place with direct, real world examples of effective office design.  The century old wood beams and brick walls convey connections to local lumber barons, and are rumored to house a few friendly ghosts!  Don’t let that spook you though, they would love to see you at HON Intensive and Competitive Training on May 10-12.

HON Headquarters Muscatine Showroom

HON Headquarters Muscatine Showroom

HON Headquarters Muscatine Showroom

Which HON Showroom are you inspired to visit?  



Office Furniture Rocks

When I joined the HON Marketing team last year, I was completely new to the office furniture world. It didn’t take me long to realize that, the moment you enter this industry, there are certain aspects of your everyday life that are forever changed:

1.  Vacations
Most people would probably want to check out from work on a vacation, but those of us in this field know that’s not how it works. My trips turn into a personal scavenger hunt to find HON product around the world or to spot a HON truck while I’m on the road. Plus, these sightings make great #HONSpotted posts on social media!

2.  Routine Appointments
You think you’ve scheduled an innocent trip to the dentist, but once you walk into that reception area and sit down in an Ignition lounge chair, it’s impossible not to tell everyone in the room that you are part of the team that made that chair possible. You aren’t afraid to turn chairs upside down during routine health check-ups, and instantly transform into a savvy Soothe salesperson whenever a patient room is lacking HON furniture.

3.  Common Office Lingo
You find yourself correcting your friends and family when they say the “C” word (it’s not a cubicle, it’s a workstation!). You also feel like it’s your job to educate people on the specific type of chair they sit in (it’s not just a chair, it’s a task chair) as well as their storage choices (Contain credenzas are a great solution for active storage needs, for instance).

4.  Movies
When you work in the office furniture industry, it’s not unusual to pause a movie every few minutes to analyze the furniture and celebrate loudly when you spot HON products….or to pause it, snap a photo of the TV screen, and send it via group text to all of your coworkers so you can talk about how much more you now love said movie.

5.  Organization
Let’s be honest, filing bills is no fun…unless you’re using a HON filing cabinet! When you understand the history behind how our products have evolved, from recipe card boxes made out of recycled steel to comprehensive workplace solutions, simple storage techniques have a whole new meaning.

6.  Your own home
I’ve had recurring dreams since NeoCon about finding space in my home for all of the awesome new HON furniture from our Chicago showroom, and I’ve found that there’s always a way to add it to your existing décor. Updating a home office? A new Height Adjustable Table will look great! Redecorating a playroom? Adding some Flock minis with a fun new fabric should do the trick!

7.  Where you work
When you sit in the chair you designed, or work at the desk you’re tasked to create marketing campaigns around all day long, you develop a whole new level of appreciation for the furniture that supports you throughout the day. And, when you know you can trust the tools that support you, it’s easier to make a difference and feel ready to change the world.

How has office furniture changed your life?

It’s hard to believe that just eleven days ago we were opening the doors to Suite 1130 for the start of NeoCon 2012! For those who weren’t able to attend this year, the HON showroom experience was all about empowering the way you work and embodied three things:

  1. Cohesive design
  2. Collaborative collections
  3. Comprehensive solutions

Addressing the need for a more open, fluid and interactive workplace, the product lines that we featured empower both individual effort and team ventures; they’re designed to move freely and interconnect seamlessly (like Flock, seen below).

Here’s my best shot at trying to condense 72 action-packed hours into 300 words or less. Trust me- a difficult task!

Flock Debut

We debuted Flock Collaborative Solutions at NeoCon- a full collection of flexible and comfortable elements that work seamlessly together. Flock addresses functional needs throughout the office landscape from welcoming areas to nooks to collaborative hubs and community areas.

Motivate Won Product Innovations Award

Motivate earned the Grand Prize Innovations Award in its category, sponsored by BUILDINGS Magazine. The award recognizes excellence in products for commercial buildings with high-performance, aesthetic, and functional features. Motivate was designed by Wolfgang Deisig (shown here), one of Europe’s veteran industrial designers with many award-winning solutions in the furniture industry. More info here.

Exploring the Mart in Style with the HON Bag!

The highly-coveted HON bag was in high demand at NeoCon! Did you snag the HON bag at NeoCon? Post a photo of you with your bag to our Facebook page; we would love to see!


Origami, fortune teller, cootie catcher… well, we called it HONigami. A throwback to our younger days, HONigami was a fun way for us to interact with attendees in our showroom this year! We awarded Motivate task chairs to three lucky individuals who discovered a gold star hidden in their HONigami and also gave away an iPad to our Twitter winner!

One of our HONigami discussion questions was “Describe the HON showroom in three words.” See what several attendees had to say (via Twitter):

“Energetic. Innovative. Upbeat.” -@john_higginson

“Colorful. Fun. Energetic.” -@designelixir

“Crowded. Fun. Stylish.” -@unlimitedana

“People ‘Flock’ed There!!” -@jacquetodd

“Bright. Structured. Innovative.” -@iDesignerChef

“Chic. Chic. Chic.” -@creactiva101

“Interact. Produce. Go.” -@symbolictweet

Weren’t able to attend NeoCon this year? Not a problem. Check out Flickr, Pinterest, or our interactive showroom at to see all of the exciting, new products for yourself! Until NeoCon 2013…

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