How to pack professionally in just a carry-on suitcase

With NeoCon right around the corner, packing is fresh on our minds here at HON. Did you know you can pack for a week long business trip in a standard carry-on suitcase? It’s easy! Here are some tips and tricks to remember for the next time you travel:

Why should I only pack a carry-on?

Traveling with carry-on luggage usually means that you’ll get in and out of the airport faster than if you are traveling with checked baggage, which is always a plus on a business trip. Even better, most airlines now let you check in for your flight on an app and skip the check in line altogether.  You won’t have to wait the extra time for the baggage handlers to unload the plane and load the bags onto the conveyer belt, or for your bag to make its way to you after riding the world’s slowest carousel.  By carrying on your bag, you guarantee that it will not get lost and that its important contents will arrive the same day and time as you do.

What do I pack?

Keep it simple.  A good rule of thumb is to pack enough outfits for the number of days you will be on the trip plus two to three casual outfits for evening activities.  Be sure to try on all of your outfits while you pack to make sure that you have everything you need.  (This may take extra time, but not as long as you will have to wait for your checked bag so it balances out!)  When it comes to toiletries, keep in mind that travel laws restrict you from packing any liquids over 3 ounces in a carry-on bag.  But, since most hotels offer complimentary toiletries, you can ask for free toothpaste, mouthwash, hairspray, deodorant, etc. when you check in to your room and avoid the stress of trying to safely pack these items with your clothes and business documents.

How should I pack?

Roll your clothes.  By doing this you are able to fit much more in your suitcase, as well as minimize the amount of wrinkles that each shirt or pants will have. Since many airlines don’t enforce a weight limit on carry-on luggage, you have the flexibility to pack a lot into a little space when it’s done efficiently!

Another perk to traveling efficiently with just a carry-on? When you get back from your next business trip, you will be able to dump your entire suitcase straight into the wash rather than hang half of it back up in your closet because you over-packed.  Just remember to take out your shoes!

What are some of your personal packing tricks?