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In today’s office furniture industry, the trend is leaning toward more open and collaborative workspaces.  Even though the need for these types of spaces is growing, we still see a need for private workspaces as well.  Whether they be private offices or touchdown areas such as conference rooms, individuals need a place to go with minimal distractions and privacy.

Here at HON we offer several solutions for each type of workspace:

Shown first is a very open and collaborative work area.  This work environment allows members to easily work together and bounce ideas off each other.

space 1

Here is another open space example that offers a bit more privacy without sacrificing that sense of team and collaboration.

space 2

Here is an example of a private room that may be used when a member needs to make a personal or private phone call at HON HQ.

space 3

This space offers a private environment for those who may be working with more sensitive information on a daily basis.  The higher panels offer more privacy while still keeping the member in the open environment with their peers.

space 4

What are some of your tips for creating privacy in an open office environment?


In today’s hectic world it can be easy for organization to take a backseat to your daily tasks.  I am the type of person that needs an organized workspace in order to keep my thoughts organized.  Here are some suggestions on how you can keep your workspace organized:

Start with a blank slate

Remove all items from your worksurface.  Sometimes it is easier to start with a blank canvas and add what is most important (like that coffee mug).



Determine what items are most important and used frequently.  Keep these items in easy to reach areas (Pens, phone, important documents, etc.)

Pencil Cup

Add a pencil cup and get rid of any unneeded pens/pencils.  This will help create a designated spot for your writing utensils so they aren’t strewn all about.  This will also help you feel less cluttered; it doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a mug will do!


Determine your storage type.

Do you like to create piles or do you tend to keep your information stored in files?  Determine your filing type and add the best type of storage for you.  This could be more file cabinet space for your files or more open space for your piles of paper.


Add Monitor Arms

Adding monitor arms can help clear off additional desk space.  Since your monitors will be raised off your desk, you will have more space underneath.  This will help create a clean, uncluttered feeling.


What helps you feel more organized?

Did you know the Integrated Design Solutions team offers a free rendering service?  With this service we can show you what your HON product will actually look like in the finishes you choose.  We can provide 2-3 renderings per project.  I really enjoy completing renderings for our dealers because it makes the project come to life.  This can be a very beneficial tool when trying to sell a customer on something they are not quite able to visualize.  Below are some examples of renderings I have completed for past projects!

Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions



As a designer I always find it extremely exciting when the color forecast comes out for the next year.  It’s a good indication of what will be popular in the coming year as far as interiors are concerned.  According to Pantone, there are nine color palettes that are predicted to influence upcoming 2013 interior design trends. Take a look at Casa Sugar’s recent post to learn more about all nine palettes.

These are my 2 favorites:

Pantone’s 2013 Connisseur Palette:  This palette draws from cool neutrals like alyssum white and beechnut green, contrasted with warmer tones of violets and orchids, liquid pink, and deep mahogany, all set against accents of champagne beige and silver.  The palette puts a fresh spin on old-world elegance, with decorative pieces that layer texture.  It’s refined and sophisticated with just the right amount of understated drama.

Pantone’s 2013 Glamour Palette:  This palette conjures the polished sexiness of the art deco era.  Rio red, Monaco blue, tap shoe black, chinchilla, ethereal gray, moonmist and jasper teal make up this color board.  Moodier tones definitely dominate.

Based on the palettes that have been predicted I thought it would be fun to come up with a mock-up rendering using our Voi® line.

HON Finishes used: Worksurfaces – Brilliant White, Storage – Columbian Walnut, Seating Fabric – Gio Ocean, Cushion Fabric – Hoopla Cool Cucumber

Lately it seems as though we have all been living out of boxes here at HON Headquarters.  But have no fear, it’s for good reason!  A good portion of our beautifully designed building is being transitioned over to new furniture.  My workstation is being switched from Initiate® to Voi® and Abound® as we speak!

The first area to transition was our first floor, which is where our Solutions Account Group is located.  Before, this area was full of Abound workstations.  These have been changed to Voi in some areas and a combination of Voi and Abound in others.  Throughout the first floor you will see Voi used in several different applications, highlighting its versatility.

First we begin with Voi benching.  This is a very open and collaborative environment without any overheads, but it still offers plenty of storage with the credenzas down on the floor.

Next we have a combination of Voi and Abound.  This gives a more private feel but is still very open.

The third area we have is a more private Voi solution but still very functional in an open office environment.  Adding in the overhead units gives more separation between the workstations as well as more storage capacity.

The last area we have is a full integration between Voi and Abound.  We have taller Abound panels with Voi overheads, as well as Voi worksurfaces and credenzas.  This allows for a much more private workstation.

As you can see there are many different ways you can incorporate Voi in to any office environment.  From what I’ve heard everyone is really enjoying their new spaces here at The HON Company!

For my first blog post I’m going to give you a little glimpse into my daily routine.  I am a member of the Integrated Design Solutions team where we plan and specify HON furniture for our dealers.  This is what a typical project might look like.

Plan and Specify:  You provide us with a rough sketch with the layout and size of the furniture you wish to place in the space and we provide you with a 2D and 3D drawing as well as a complete itemized parts list of HON products.  We verify product compatibility as well as accuracy.  Our work is always guaranteed for this free service.

With this service we do not show any architectural details (walls, windows and doors) but if an electronic AutoCAD or Giza file is provided for our use, we would be more than happy to place the furniture in the space.

Project sizes range from a basic L-shaped desk to several floors full of furniture.  We accept all project sizes!

Rendering:  This service most typically tags along with our specification service.  We will provide a photo realistic rendering to help you visualize your furniture typicals.  This is a limited service with 2-3 renderings per project.  You can either provide us with the finishes you wish to see or we can place finishes that we feel will really showcase your design.

Don’t forget this is a free service for our dealers, and we’re always here to help!

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