The aroma of cookies, cakes, and dips tend to fill the office air this time of year. It seems as though almost every day there’s a different appetizing tray of food sitting out. But as you reach for that festive treat, you start having second thoughts about the calories you’re going to consume. Well, you’re in luck! You can have your cookie without feeling like you need to go to food prison.

Holiday Treats

This time of year, delicious food is everywhere you go. It’s hard to control your cravings when a vanilla frosted Frosty the Snowman is plastered on a giant sugar cookie with chocolate chips for buttons. Eat that cookie and take a lap around your floor! If you think you’ll feel guilty, only take half.

While you’re standing in line to go through the appetizer buffet that’s lined along the file cabinets or on the break room counter, grab the smaller plate or napkin so that you do not fill a normal sized plate with snacks. If you have a regular sized plate, you’ll pile on the food, but you can still get your fill if you cut that in half with a smaller plate. Also, hold on to that plate! This will remind you of how much you have already eaten and will help to keep you from going back for thirds or fourths.

I absolutely love to run, so if I eat those chips and dip, I plan to run it off. Some do not find as much enjoyment out of running as I, to which I recommend to take a walk during your lunch break. Go up and down the stairs a few times, or just do a loop around the inside of the building every hour or so.

Another idea for those who want to snack but do not want the guilt would be to bring a healthy treat to the office. There are so many festive ideas for fruit and vegetable trays and you can save yourself some calories as well. You’ll also receive some compliments on the decorative appetizer that you made! Here is an idea for your next food day.

For those of you who eat that piece of cake and do not think twice, I envy you! Keep doing what you’re doing! For others, I hope that some of the healthy tips I provided will help you to stay on track with your diet and exercise goals! So, grab a small plate, eat that food, go for a walk on your lunch break, and enjoy your holidays!