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It’s that time of the year again – time to choose your New Year’s Resolutions. Intentions are always high to work out more, eat healthier, spend less money, etc. According to a article titled This Year’s Top New Year’s Resolution? Fitness!!, some of the top New Year’s resolutions for 2015 were to stay fit and healthy, lose weight, and get organized. If any of these resolutions are on your list for next year, how can you integrate them into your work schedule at the office?

  1. Eat Healthy: Sometimes easier said than done, especially when you enjoy food day with your team members. The next time you have a food day in the office, plan on bringing a fruit or veggie tray. You may be surprised just how many of your coworkers will enjoy your dish. Not only will you feel great about your food choice, but you won’t be breaking your resolution.
  2. Stay Fit: How many of us set the alarm early in the morning with intentions to work out before you head to the office? When that doesn’t happen, we make plans to work out after we leave work. Sometimes we’re too tired, arrive home later than expected, or just want to watch our favorite shows on TV. If this is you, why not work out during your work day? During your lunch period, plan on taking a walk for the first 15-30 minutes (depending on the length of your lunch break) and enjoy your lunch for the rest of your break. Take occasional breaks throughout the day to walk to the water fountain, restroom, or copy machine.
  3. Get Organized: Are you a list maker? Now may be the time to start! A great way to get organized at work is to start your morning off by creating a To Do list, outlining the tasks that must be completed by end of day and tasks that you want to finish later if you have time. At the end of the day and before you leave the office, take a look at your list to see what you accomplished. If a task needs to be postponed, simply add it to tomorrow’s list and you’ll be a step ahead when the next morning rolls around! Consider adding HON storage to your workspace for additional organization support.

Quotient Seating and Contain Storage

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Can you think of any ways to stick to them while you’re at work?


With 2015 coming to an end, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on what I’ve been especially thankful for in 2015.

  1. Soothe™. HON has been doing incredible things in healthcare for years, and now we’ve taken it to the next level with the introduction of Soothe.  Helpful resources, such as our healthcare fabrics brochure, provide inspiration for every space within a healthcare facility and ensure that the best fabric is used in every setting.
    HON Soothe for Healthcare
  2. Fabrics & Finishes. Speaking of fabrics…. With over 900 new fabric and finish options launched this year, our offering is more robust than ever.  You have the rainbow to choose from in both color and pattern, so be true to you and find your new hue!
    HON Fabrics and FInishes
  3. Solve™ & Quotient™. These new kids on the block are fast favorites. Solve and Quotient both complement our other seating solutions while providing a new price point in our winning assortment.  And if you’re one who needs to see to believe, locate a HON dealer and try out a sample in your market!
    HON Solve and Quotient Seating
  4. Height Adjustable Tables. Our new Height Adjustable Base, now named Coordinate™, is to tables as the HON Ignition chair is to seating.  It’s sure to fit almost anyone in your office.  Boasting a 3-stage base that adjusts from 23 5⁄8″ to 49 1⁄4″, this table is your workstation companion to the Ignition chair which fits the 5th to 95th percentile of people in the workplace.
    HON Coordinate Height Adjustable Base
  5. HON Members. This well-oiled machine wouldn’t run as well as it does without the fantastic people that make up HON.  From manufacturing to marketing, the members at HON make the holidays even brighter.

What are some of your 2015 highlights?

The aroma of cookies, cakes, and dips tend to fill the office air this time of year. It seems as though almost every day there’s a different appetizing tray of food sitting out. But as you reach for that festive treat, you start having second thoughts about the calories you’re going to consume. Well, you’re in luck! You can have your cookie without feeling like you need to go to food prison.

Holiday Treats

This time of year, delicious food is everywhere you go. It’s hard to control your cravings when a vanilla frosted Frosty the Snowman is plastered on a giant sugar cookie with chocolate chips for buttons. Eat that cookie and take a lap around your floor! If you think you’ll feel guilty, only take half.

While you’re standing in line to go through the appetizer buffet that’s lined along the file cabinets or on the break room counter, grab the smaller plate or napkin so that you do not fill a normal sized plate with snacks. If you have a regular sized plate, you’ll pile on the food, but you can still get your fill if you cut that in half with a smaller plate. Also, hold on to that plate! This will remind you of how much you have already eaten and will help to keep you from going back for thirds or fourths.

I absolutely love to run, so if I eat those chips and dip, I plan to run it off. Some do not find as much enjoyment out of running as I, to which I recommend to take a walk during your lunch break. Go up and down the stairs a few times, or just do a loop around the inside of the building every hour or so.

Another idea for those who want to snack but do not want the guilt would be to bring a healthy treat to the office. There are so many festive ideas for fruit and vegetable trays and you can save yourself some calories as well. You’ll also receive some compliments on the decorative appetizer that you made! Here is an idea for your next food day.

For those of you who eat that piece of cake and do not think twice, I envy you! Keep doing what you’re doing! For others, I hope that some of the healthy tips I provided will help you to stay on track with your diet and exercise goals! So, grab a small plate, eat that food, go for a walk on your lunch break, and enjoy your holidays!

Gone are the days when office design was limited to only a few fabric or laminate color options. Today, office design trends are incorporating two-tone laminate combinations and mixed materials to help add a modern and fresh look to the workplace.  For example, one laminate color can be used on a worksurface while another laminate color is used on the storage, or one laminate color can be used on the casing of your storage while a different color adds dimension on the drawer fronts.  Integrating frosted glass, metal and other mixed materials into overhead storage and support legs of office furniture is another way to update your space.

HON offers 8 woodgrain laminates, including the recently introduced Mocha, Pinnacle, and Cognac.  Below are a few ways you can integrate these laminate colors and mixed materials into your workspace for a more modern aesthetic.

Mocha provides a rich, sophisticated color that can provide a great contrast to a white laminate on a worksurface or storage.  Try adding frosted glass to the wall storage for a fun twist on the classic private office.

Lam 1

Pinnacle is a modern laminate color that also pairs well with lighter worksurfaces and metal materials, allowing metal surfaces to “pop.

HON Pinnacle Laminate

Cognac offers a refreshed look on the traditional cherry color palette that can help liven up a workspace, especially when paired with a lighter worksurface color option.

HON Cognac Laminate

How do you integrate two-tone laminates and mixed materials into your workplace?

The holidays are a great time of year to come up with creative new ways to engage with your customers and partners. Whether you’re hosting a training for a newly launched product, sponsoring an event or participating in a vendor fair, we all know that the more face time you get with a customer, the better.

Holiday Showroom Event:

For a Sales Representative, this time of year is about finishing the year strong (the food and gifts are just an added bonus!). Celebrate the holidays with your customers by inviting them to your showroom and organizing a holiday-themed giveaway to encourage them to attend the event. Make sure to target customers who already have an interest in your product or are in the middle of making a decision about which products to order. By showing your appreciation for their business and giving them one last chance to check out your products, you position yourself to close those final sales before the year ends.

Catalog Distribution Tips:

The HON Company ships its new catalogs to customers during the holiday season, and it’s the perfect excuse to do something extra special for customers. If you have the time, try hand delivering your catalogs or brochures for an added personal touch. Or, try wrapping your catalogs in a holiday bow or bag to make it look like a special gift. Include a handwritten note that offers tips for using your catalogs and selecting your products. Anything you can do to help your catalog stand out will get your customers thinking about you and your products in 2016!

New Year Kick-Off Dinner:

Make sure you are top of mind for your customers at the start of 2016 by organizing a New Year kick-off dinner. Be mindful of vacation time and try to schedule it 1-2 weeks after everyone returns from their holiday breaks. Inviting your most important customers to dinner at the beginning of the year will make them feel valued and inspire them to select your products.

What are some of the ways you celebrate the holidays with your customers?

basyx by HON

Just in time for the holidays, basyx by HON has increased its lineup and we’ve revamped our familiar functionality videos to best showcase these incredible new products!

Classy, straightforward, and concise, our brand new functionality videos for HVL108, HVL525 and HVL534 present everything you need to know about our latest basyx by HON solutions. Easily found on HON’s YouTube channel or the Video Showcase on, our customers will find these easy to watch and enlightening. Check them out when you get a chance!

New functionality videos means we’ve added some exciting new products to the basyx by HON collection! Introduced back in October, my personal favorite is our new Modular Lounge series (HVL862 and HVL864). Not only does this expand our basyx by HON offering to include collaborative soft seating, but this series is a convenient, contemporary design that is lightweight and easy to reconfigure. Plus, we’ve added a Cantilever table (HML8858) to compliment the series.

Our new HVL525 is a mesh task chair that’s both comfortable and incredibly versatile. Its breathable back allows greater ability to contour to each user, and its contemporary styling easily matches any workplace aesthetic.

If you’re looking for an exceptional value and an executive style, look no further than the HVL604. Loaded with features from an integrated headrest, to customizable control options, all the way to our basyx by HON Limited 5-Year Warranty, the HVL604 is a refined model with an affordable price that makes it a great solution for a wide variety of workspaces.

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out our basyx by HON Spotlight page today!

Changing seasons this time of year typically bring to mind deep red, orange, yellow, and brown.  Those colors have been popular again this fall – but Pantone recommends that you look for creative ways to pair warm colors with bright summery tones. Here are 3 of our favorite examples of these color combinations for the end of Fall 2015:

Camel with Turquoise

Add a pop of turquoise to neutral tones

Camel provides such a blank canvas for coupling a bright color. If your office space follows the neutral trend, add a pop of turquoise with desk accessories to be right on target. Check out this palette on our “Office Design & Style Inspiration” board here.

Rustic Orange with Purple

Add a splash of bright purple to rustic orange

Orange comes to mind every fall in the form of pumpkin goodies. But pairing rusting orange with an unexpected purple hue creates a twist on a traditional fall palette. Check out this palette on our “Office Design & Style Inspiration” board here.

Sage Green with Peach

Spruce up sage green with a bright peach

Capture some of summer’s last floral colors with this sage green and peach combination. The peach keeps the look light and fun, while sage reminds that it’s the season of fall. Check out this palette on our “Office Design & Style Inspiration” board here.

This fall, don’t stop at traditional autumn colors. Mix it up with a bright pop. What are your favorite color trends for fall?

You can check out these color palettes and more office design inspiration on HON’s Pinterest page.

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