Trade shows can be overwhelming to some, but the key to a successful day lies within the following tips and tricks to ensure the greatest return on the investment.

Trade Shows

1. Plan, Prepare, & Execute

Planning ahead and being organized is crucial to a successful event. I find it helpful to register as soon as possible and then immediately print off all pertinent information, including badges and forms to take with me on my trip. Researching the venue and other unknowns prior to arriving is also helpful.

2. Location, Location, Location

The location of your booth is important if you are looking to create as many touch points as possible. If it’s a new show, ask the event hosts or others who are familiar with the venue which location would be best. To get the most out of the space, take into account restroom location, traffic flow and where your competitors are located.

3. Show Off

Trade shows are the time to show off the capabilities your company has to offer. Be sure to use plenty of signage so guests will know the company you work for and the products being showcased. Also, be sure to take into consideration the specific market and their product needs. Do your homework and know your audience to get the most engagement from potential customers.

4. Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Days can get long during shows, but having a great support system makes for a great day. Be sure customers know which members belong to your team by wearing visible nametags and/or perhaps dressing in a uniform or a similar color or style of shirt.

5. Follow Up

Networking is probably the greatest advantage when you spend the day at a trade show. Having business cards available to offer and exchange is important. I like to write notes on the back of the card after the interaction so I am able to have a follow up conversation once the show is over. I always follow up with the person via email, phone or a social networking site, such as LinkedIn, within a week of the show to engage in further conversation.

What tips can you add to ensure a successful trade show event?