The summer months mean many things: cookouts, pool parties, camp fires, vacations, and all sorts of fun. They also mean you might want to be sure to have a few things in your backpack, purse, suitcase, or car.

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen really should be utilized all year round, but particularly so in the summer months as people tend to spend more time outside. Pack your favorite sunscreen in a backpack, laptop bag, or purse to have on hand when you need it. If you are a frequent flyer, make sure to add a small container of sunscreen to your liquids bag. And most importantly- apply and reapply the sunscreen as directed.Sunscreen

2. Water

Water is essential as the weather heats up. It keeps you hydrated and can help cool your body down. The more you sweat the more water you should consume. As the heat increases, opt for cold water over room temperature water for the cooling effect. Carry a reusable bottle around with you wherever you go. Or, if you need to be in a car for long periods of time, pack a cooler and stay hydrated as the sun beats through the windshield.


3. Bug spray

Being outside is a great way to enjoy the summer season, but bugs area nuisance. Keep bugs bug spray handy at all times in order to keep bugs away. Tuck one in your car and bag. Be sure to spray yourself, your family, and your pets! Caution- be sure to read the labels on your bug spray before using on your furry friends. Also, remember not all bug spray is created equal. Read the labels to ensure your favorite repellant will actually repel the pests you are trying to avoid.

Bug Spray

4. Light jacket or scarf

It might be a scorcher outside but the air conditioning is running full blast indoors. Pack a lightweight jacket, cardigan, or scarf to use when you transition from the outside to the inside.

Summer Scarf

What other items do you keep especially handy in the office during the summer months?