employee engagement

A workplace that fosters employee engagement, or member engagement as we call it at HON, is one in which individuals become motivated by the same ideas to achieve the same goals. This type of work environment is beneficial to employees, customers, the community and your brand.  Here are 6 tips for boosting employee engagement in your office:

1. Clearly define company values

Be sure to clearly communicate the core ideas behind which your company stands.  Being reminded of these every once in awhile will help your employees see the bigger picture of what they’re a part of, and motivate them to uphold these standards.

2. Encourage individual growth

Allowing employees the opportunity to work on their own projects sparks creativity and empowerment, and can even lead to new innovations that benefit the company. Take Google for example. Gmail and Google News started as a few personal side projects. Apple is also encouraging a similar movement with the Blue Sky program.

3. Host themed days

Who doesn’t love mixing things up for a day? Whether it’s dressing up to represent your favorite sports team or having employees bring their favorite desserts to share with everyone, this is fun for all and fights monotony at work.

4. Commemorate achievements

No matter the size or subject of the project, remind your employees how much you appreciate their work. This proverbial ‘pat on the back’ will remind your staff of their worth and impact in the company.

5. Schedule team building outside of work

Depending on the company and employee interests, an after work activity is a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level. A company that has fun together, works well together.

6. Celebrate people

Birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, etc. are all great excuses to recognize employees and show them how much they matter.

How does your company promote employee engagement?