Showrooms for dealers and manufacturers require a large investment of time, money, and planning to execute and keep running.  After all of the hard work is done, you not only have a great showcase of your product offering, but a great space in which to host a variety of events.  Here are a few types of events you can host in your dealer showroom to increase brand awareness, uncover more opportunities for engagement, and receive a higher return on investment from your showroom.

1. Stakeholder Meetings and Retreats

Make your conference room available to customers and important stakeholders to use for meetings and company retreats at no charge. This provides them with a fun new space where they can host their meetings, creates brand exposure for you, and helps continue to build relationships with your customer base and key community members.  Not sure where to start?  Try reaching out to non-profit organizations, board of directors, local associations or the area chamber of commerce.

2. Networking Events

You are probably already involved in an alumni group, chamber of commerce, or local networking organization, so offer to host the next meeting at your dealer showroom.  This can also be a great way to connect with local talent and discuss possible internships and career opportunities.

3. Customer Appreciation Luncheons & Events

Create a themed event where you provide lunch or appetizers and invited your customers to tour your showroom.  This is a great way for customers to build a stronger relationship with sales representatives, meet dealer leadership, and become more familiar with the latest office furniture solutions.

What other events do you host at your showroom?