Great Things

With the start of the new year, like most people, I have been thinking of what I’m going to focus more on in 2015. There are, of course, the obvious choices, i.e. actually using that gym membership, cooking more (or ever), walking to the grocery store 2 blocks away instead of driving… you get the idea. Instead, I’m deciding to focus on work. Not necessarily on me, but on those that surround me. Here are the 10 top things that I will focus on doing more of:

1. More random acts of kindness. Anonymous Post-it® notes happen to be my favorite.

2. Add a “+1” to the morning Starbucks routine. Is there anything better than someone bringing you a hot beverage? Especially on a Monday morning.

3. Volunteer to help on others’ projects. How wonderful is it when someone offers to help for no reason other than to help lessen your load?

4. Write more hand-written notes. Thank yous, thinking of you, happy birthday, wish you were here… I could go on and on. Bonus points for cursive usage.

5. Dole out those compliments. How great does it feel to put a little extra pep in someone’s step? Because everyone deserves to be told how much they’re rocking that new hair cut…

6. Send more kudos. Focus on recognizing co-workers more often – both directly and to that person’s manager.

7. Have lunch with one new person a week. Can’t think of a better way to build your network… or become a local restaurant connoisseur.

8. Reconnect. Consider rejuvenating those relationships that fizzled out for no apparent reason other than lack of effort.

9. Use meeting times wisely. No one cares for an hour-long meeting that could have been done in 15 minutes.

10. Smile. You know what they say… it’s contagious and can immediately boost the mood of its recipients. I think we could all use a little bit more of that, don’t you?

How will you be a better co-worker this year?