Whether your next trip is for business or pleasure, consider adding the following items to your packing list if you haven’t already included them.


Stain Remover

If you are like me, you’re not finished with a meal until you are wearing it. There is nothing worse than ruining your favorite shirt or tie when it could have been prevented with some pre-treating. Stain removers are small and travel-friendly.  Put this in your bag once and you will be thankful should you ever need it.


Reusable Bottle

You can’t bring larger liquids through security but you can bring an empty bottle to fill up. Hydration when traveling is key. It can ward off jetlag! Keep a bottle with you and fill it up often.  Many airports now have water bottle filling stations and most public places have water fountains making it easy to fill up anywhere. Plus, you are saving money and staying green.


Bags, Bags, Bags!

I always pack several shopping bags and a couple extra sandwich bags in my suitcase. Bags are great for pre-sorting laundry or to pack up something that’s still wet. Sandwich bags come in handy to keep pieces of something that may have broken or the rest of a snack. I haven’t been on a trip yet where I haven’t used at least one of the bags I’ve brought. You just never know what you will need a bag for so be sure to tuck one in your luggage.


Emergency Snacks

There is something to be said about those Snicker’s commercials. You can always unexpectedly get stuck in traffic for hours or a flight can be delayed. So, be prepared and pack a snack just in case. My favorite on-the-go snacks are trail mixes and granola bars. They take up little space but can really curb hunger when you need it.

5. CASH.


In the age of electronic banking, I rarely carry cash. However I always have some cash in my travel bag. I specifically carry ones and fives. Whether it is a tip for valet parking or a toll road, cash is always a must for me.

When you’re on the go, what other items can you not leave home without?