You’re surrounded by paperclips, sticky notes, and push pins all day. Why not repurpose them for the greater creative good? Take a look at a few examples!

1. Thumbtack Vase Fillers

Love those vase fillers you find at common household décor stores, but don’t want to spend $50 on a center piece? No worries! Poke your leftover thumbtacks into Styrofoam balls and then spray paint them to create a beautiful vase filler to match your décor.

Thumbtack Vase Fillers

2. Floppy Disk Pen Holder

You know you still have a pack of these laying around from the 90s. Turn those old floppy disks into a place to store new office supplies with a retro twist!

Floppy Disk Pen Holders

3. Rubber Band Pencil Holder

We knew you were looking for a reason to buy those funky colored rubber bands! Create a striped pencil holder that lets you use up all those bands along with a recycled tin can. The more variety in sizes, the more interesting the pattern!

Rubber Band Pencil Holder

4. Paper Fastener Wrap Bracelets

Bought a box of 20 brads and only needed 2? What are you going to do with 18 extra brads? Create these beautiful bracelets by fastening brads to a leather or suede strip and voila! You can even paint them or add designs if you’re feeling extra crafty.

Wrap Bracelets

5. Christmas Cards

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! Put a crafty spin on an old tradition with simple every day supplies, such as paper clips. These are the perfect way to get your holi-DIY on.

Christmas Cards

6. Pencil Eraser Earring Backs

This is a repurposing idea I’ve personally used many times. Ever lose an earring back in the middle of the day? Don’t worry! Simply cut off a disc of your eraser to keep from losing that earring that matches your new top perfectly.

Earring Backs

7. Mini Christmas Tree

Only have room for a miniature tree this year? Try making your own! This is a unique way to deck out your classroom or desk for the holidays. Simply glue your pencils in a cone shape and affix to a star shaped ornament. Hint: Instead of using standard yellow pencils, mix it up with multi-colored or green pencils.

Pencil Tree

8. Three-Ring Binder Hooks

Empty out those old three-ring binders and turn them into hooks outside for your BBQ tools or in the house for your tote bags.

Binder Hooks

9. Clipboard Inspiration Board

Create your own inspiration “pin” board with old clipboards. It helps add pops of color and some motivational material to your wall or workspace.

Inspiration Board

10. Chic Bubble Wrap Mailer iPad Case

Turn an unused bubble mailer into a stylish way to protect your tech. Just follow these 6 easy steps.

Bubble Wrap Tech Case

What are some creative new uses you’ve found for your old office supplies?