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Whether your next trip is for business or pleasure, consider adding the following items to your packing list if you haven’t already included them.


Stain Remover

If you are like me, you’re not finished with a meal until you are wearing it. There is nothing worse than ruining your favorite shirt or tie when it could have been prevented with some pre-treating. Stain removers are small and travel-friendly.  Put this in your bag once and you will be thankful should you ever need it.


Reusable Bottle

You can’t bring larger liquids through security but you can bring an empty bottle to fill up. Hydration when traveling is key. It can ward off jetlag! Keep a bottle with you and fill it up often.  Many airports now have water bottle filling stations and most public places have water fountains making it easy to fill up anywhere. Plus, you are saving money and staying green.


Bags, Bags, Bags!

I always pack several shopping bags and a couple extra sandwich bags in my suitcase. Bags are great for pre-sorting laundry or to pack up something that’s still wet. Sandwich bags come in handy to keep pieces of something that may have broken or the rest of a snack. I haven’t been on a trip yet where I haven’t used at least one of the bags I’ve brought. You just never know what you will need a bag for so be sure to tuck one in your luggage.


Emergency Snacks

There is something to be said about those Snicker’s commercials. You can always unexpectedly get stuck in traffic for hours or a flight can be delayed. So, be prepared and pack a snack just in case. My favorite on-the-go snacks are trail mixes and granola bars. They take up little space but can really curb hunger when you need it.

5. CASH.


In the age of electronic banking, I rarely carry cash. However I always have some cash in my travel bag. I specifically carry ones and fives. Whether it is a tip for valet parking or a toll road, cash is always a must for me.

When you’re on the go, what other items can you not leave home without?


You’re surrounded by paperclips, sticky notes, and push pins all day. Why not repurpose them for the greater creative good? Take a look at a few examples!

1. Thumbtack Vase Fillers

Love those vase fillers you find at common household décor stores, but don’t want to spend $50 on a center piece? No worries! Poke your leftover thumbtacks into Styrofoam balls and then spray paint them to create a beautiful vase filler to match your décor.

Thumbtack Vase Fillers

2. Floppy Disk Pen Holder

You know you still have a pack of these laying around from the 90s. Turn those old floppy disks into a place to store new office supplies with a retro twist!

Floppy Disk Pen Holders

3. Rubber Band Pencil Holder

We knew you were looking for a reason to buy those funky colored rubber bands! Create a striped pencil holder that lets you use up all those bands along with a recycled tin can. The more variety in sizes, the more interesting the pattern!

Rubber Band Pencil Holder

4. Paper Fastener Wrap Bracelets

Bought a box of 20 brads and only needed 2? What are you going to do with 18 extra brads? Create these beautiful bracelets by fastening brads to a leather or suede strip and voila! You can even paint them or add designs if you’re feeling extra crafty.

Wrap Bracelets

5. Christmas Cards

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! Put a crafty spin on an old tradition with simple every day supplies, such as paper clips. These are the perfect way to get your holi-DIY on.

Christmas Cards

6. Pencil Eraser Earring Backs

This is a repurposing idea I’ve personally used many times. Ever lose an earring back in the middle of the day? Don’t worry! Simply cut off a disc of your eraser to keep from losing that earring that matches your new top perfectly.

Earring Backs

7. Mini Christmas Tree

Only have room for a miniature tree this year? Try making your own! This is a unique way to deck out your classroom or desk for the holidays. Simply glue your pencils in a cone shape and affix to a star shaped ornament. Hint: Instead of using standard yellow pencils, mix it up with multi-colored or green pencils.

Pencil Tree

8. Three-Ring Binder Hooks

Empty out those old three-ring binders and turn them into hooks outside for your BBQ tools or in the house for your tote bags.

Binder Hooks

9. Clipboard Inspiration Board

Create your own inspiration “pin” board with old clipboards. It helps add pops of color and some motivational material to your wall or workspace.

Inspiration Board

10. Chic Bubble Wrap Mailer iPad Case

Turn an unused bubble mailer into a stylish way to protect your tech. Just follow these 6 easy steps.

Bubble Wrap Tech Case

What are some creative new uses you’ve found for your old office supplies?

When I began my career at HON as a Business Relations Specialist in Customer Support, I was a recent college grad finding my way in the world. Though I knew little about the office furniture industry at the time (what’s an asynchronous control?), I jumped in with both feet. Here are a few of the reasons why I love working in Customer Support at HON:

1. We Live (and Work) in the Midwest

You may know Iowa for its cows, corn, or infamous Fried Butter (thank you Iowa State Fair). But, it is also known for the people who call it home. Iowa, the quintessential Midwestern state, is one of the top ten happiest states according to a recent Gallup poll.  So, how does this affect our customer support skills? We’re happy to answer the phone –from right here in Iowa – and answer any questions you may have.

2. We’re Dedicated to Our Members

We understand our most valuable asset is our people. That’s why HON doesn’t have employees – we have members – and each member is vital to our success. HON offers a variety of member development programs, from Leadership Foundations to Presentation Skills training to foster personal growth within the organization. The HON Company is committed to seeing our members succeed!

3. We Have Fun

As my past blogs have alluded, there’s never a dull moment at HON! We definitely know how to work hard and play hard. Whether we’re making Kryptonite Juice for a Superhero Food Day contest or playing a highly competitive game of Friday Bingo, we know how to have fun.  Not only does this injection of creativity and friendly competition create a better work environment, but it instills a stronger sense of community in our members (and allows for the occasional good natured jab at whoever wins bingo!)

4. We’re Committed to Our Partners

… And their success. From offering the free services of our ingenious Integrated Design Solutions team or making it a priority to respond to phone calls in less than a minute, we want to make it easy for those who partner with us to sell our product. Being the ‘Best in the Industry’ isn’t just a goal, it’s a commitment we make to anyone who does business with HON.

5. We’re a Team

‘Team’ isn’t just four letters at HON Customer Support – its seventy-six people. Whether we’re doing our Friday Wave (think basketball games) or assisting a fellow member with a rush order, we’ve got each others’ backs. One of the best things about working at HON is that our members genuinely care about each other – and that drives the teamwork that makes our department function like a well-oiled machine.

6. We Work at HON!

Whenever I drive down the highway and see a HON truck, I feel the need to point it out to my fellow passengers (and make known to them exactly what arms, colors, and options are available on that Nucleus chair). It’s a sense of brand pride, and whenever you call in to HON Customer Support we share that experience with you. While I haven’t yet spray painted my car the HON colors, you can be sure that I bleed HON green!

Why do you love HON Customer Support?

With bellies still full from enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, many individuals are already looking ahead to the next big holiday.  The holidays are a special time of year to spend with our friends and family, but they also provide us with a great opportunity to team up with our office family and give back to the local community.

Here are 7 ways you can team up to give back this holiday season:

  1. Holiday Gift Tree: Contact a local humanitarian organization (Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, etc.) for a list of local families struggling to afford gifts for the holidays and invite everyone in your office to sponsor an individual or family. Most organizations will provide the gender, age, and a few gift ideas for each family member to help you know what to buy.
  2. Holiday Drive: Host a food drive and donate the items to your local food pantry. Plan a coat drive and encourage your team to bring in coats or other winter accessories they no longer use. Add some friendly competition by picking a theme and turning it into a contest between departments. These are great ways to donate items to someone in need.
  3. Bake-off: Ask office members to bake holiday treats and deliver them to members of the community.  Consider visiting after school programs, nursing homes, assisted living communities, etc.
  4. “Festive Sweater” Contest: Ask members of your team to pay to wear a holiday-themed sweater to work for a day.  It’s a great way to spread the holiday energy in the office and you can donate the proceeds to a local charity.
  5. Volunteer Gift-Wrapping: Organize for members of your office to volunteer their time at a local mall or shopping center to spread the holiday cheer by wrapping gifts for busy shoppers.
  6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen: Partner with a local shelter or soup kitchen to organize scheduled times when your team can help serve meals to people in the community. Make it a fun lunch date or afternoon break that everyone in your department can participate in together.
  7. Caroling: Provide your members an opportunity to share some of their other talents by coordinating a time to sing your favorite holiday songs at different places throughout town.

Share with us some of the creative ways your office plans to give back to the community this holiday season.

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