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Roll or Fold? 
lbblogWhy not both…many items in your suitcase are best packed rolled. Among these are pants, skirts, collarless shirts, and dresses. Always roll your clothes from the bottom up for the tightest roll and make sure there aren’t any wrinkles or folds along the way. Items with a collar, including jackets and blazers, still travel better when folded. Lay your jackets across the bottom of your suitcase and use them to “wrap” the rest of your clothes.

Keep your shoes to themselves.


Use recycled dryer sheets and plastic grocery bags for shoes. There is nothing worse than stinky shoes except clothes that smell like your stinky shoes. Next time you take your clothes out of the dryer don’t discard the dryer sheet, keep them for the next time you travel. Use plastic bags with the dryer sheets to wrap your shoes and be sure to have fresh feet and clothes when you reach your destination.

Know what’s a liquid and what is not.


It seems simple, knowing the difference between a liquid and a non liquid, but surprisingly many people still over stuff their liquids bag with unnecessary items. For example, solid deodorant does not have to go in the liquids bag nor does bar soap or bar shampoo. There are also quick swaps to help streamline your liquids; powder foundation vs. liquid or hand sanitizer wipes vs. the liquid bottle just to name a few.

You just never know so pack a back up.


You can get stranded, flights can be cancelled, and luggage can be lost. Pack a back up. At the very least pack extra undergarments and socks (if needed) in your carry-on or personal item. For ladies, roll up a dress or bring an extra shirt. For fellas, bring an extra shirt and tie. Best tip is always over dress to under pack.

Pick a smaller bag.


Not sure what laws of physics dictate the laws of packing, but it is inevitable that you will stuff your bag to the near breaking point regardless of its size. Thus, pick a smaller bag and make it work. Picking a smaller bag also means you are less likely to check a bag. Even if you have elite status on every airline and get to check a bag for free, try to avoid it. Checking a bag is incredibly hard on your luggage, opens you up to theft, makes you more likely to have lost or delayed luggage, and creates delays when you reach your final destination.  So best advice- go with the smaller bag.

What are some of your favorite packing tips?



Trends are a part of consumer life; there is no getting around it. Whether it is the latest, most technologically advanced smartphone or a new clothing style, trends influence our buying, plain and simple. The office furniture industry is not immune to this phenomenon. As a manufacturer, we are faced with the challenge of an ever-changing market and it is our job to meet the demands of a diverse mix of customers in which we serve.

A prominent movement of the modern workplace is an environment that welcomes a lighter and more open aesthetic quality. We see brighter colors around offices, and it is apparent that the user preferences have been shifting this way. Back in 2011, HON launched a new desking series; Voi. Voi translates in Italian to you and is all about conforming to the needs of any working environment and user.


Voi’s contemporary appearance allows great flexibility and creative options. It incorporates mixed materials such as steel O-Leg supports, laminate and veneer surfaces, and fabric applications; it really is a designer’s open canvas for expression. Not only is a Voi user free to roam conceptually with design elements, but they will not find themselves in a fixed or confined work area. Collaboration in the workplace is on the rise. More and more companies are realizing the beauty and benefits to an interpersonal workplace, and the physical environment in which this takes place is imperative to its success.

At HON, we take pride in the opportunity to pave the way for people and ideas to come together. With Voi, collaboration is made easy. It fosters this through furniture solutions that are versatile such as multiple styles of open plan configurations. It inspires impromptu meetings with colleagues through products such as credenzas and mobile pedestals that create a comfortable sit with ample workspace, as seen in the above image.


Open. Brighter. Collaborative. These are all words that describe the market needs that led to the inception of Voi. However, one more very important need that our users are calling for is coordinated. Voi does not stop at being a great desking solution for the open and collaborative concept. Voi has the ability to outfit an entire office from the mid level employee to the executives. It is a comprehensive selection of both laminate and veneer casegoods that can simultaneously accommodate simplicity and sophistication. In fact, at HON Headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa, Voi is utilized throughout all levels. Even the President of our company sits in Voi! For those looking for a coordinated look throughout their office, Voi is a perfect fit.

We spend at least 25% of our week at the office. Why don’t we bring the style and sophistication of our home to our workspaces?

Let’s face it, most office environments have about as much character as a jail cell. It’s difficult to get excited about staring at a tan or gray panel all day while at work. Not only can a drab workspace affect employee satisfaction, it can also have a negative impact on productivity. Here are 5 tricks to create a workspace that shows your personality and inspires you.

Add Color, Texture, and Textiles

The easiest way to create a warm, inviting work environment is to add a little color, different textures and varying textiles. Pick up fabrics, frames, and knickknacks at your local craft store or even choose items from your home.



The benefits to having plants in your work environment range from reducing stress to increasing creativity. Just look up scientific studies about adding plants to your office and you will find hundreds of reports.


Plants that thrive in an office environment include:

  • Aloe
  • Spider plants
  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Ivy
  • Rubber plant
  • Peace lily

Display your passion

Your work area should inspire you, not bore you. Put your interests on display! Not only will they help motivate you, but it may help spark a conversation with your co-workers who have similar interests.



No one likes florescent lighting. Bring a little ambiance to your desk with a lamp that shows your personality and style.


Keep it classy

Always be mindful of your co-workers and your company’s brand. Clutter never looks professional. Keep your alcohol paraphernalia at home (unless you work for the company). A well organized workstation with hints of your personality and style will make you look forward to coming to work and help you stand-out in a sea of cubicles.


It’s October!  That means the Iowa (and in my case, D.C.) humidity is disappearing, the leaves are changing and everyone is getting creative with carving pumpkins, designing Halloween costumes, and making crafts found on Pinterest.

Your office can also be a place to harness your creativity this season.  Here are a few great ideas!

1. Create a ‘table seat’ in call rooms or offices. It can be a soft seat one minute and a table the next.


How: Place the top from the Flock Personal Table on a Flock Mini Ottoman

2. Add inviting, modern, and light seating to a touch-down area (as seen in our newly renovated New York City Resource Center!)


How: Use the Flock Mini Ottoman as touch-down seating rather than a standard task chair for a more modern look

3. Integrate bright pops of colors so panels look like fun workstations rather than “cubicles”


How: Use the Appoint seating fabric on select HON panel systems and tackboards


4. Use mobile storage for your company’s merchandise, office supplies, etc.


How: Customize the number and height of shelves and bins in HON’s Smartlink Modular Storage cabinet

5. Make your storage serve a dual purpose: Storage and a Seat


How: Add a cushion to the Voi credenzas shown here

How have you used furniture creatively to address your needs?

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