Self-expression. What we choose to surround ourselves with makes us who we are. Hairstyle, car, and preferred Starbucks® beverage are all fine examples. I, for example, model a past the shoulders, very straight hairdo, drive a Black Ford® Fusion, and sip a Valencia Orange Starbucks Refresher™ (or a grande Blonde roast, room for cream will do quite nicely as well). I don’t know what exactly that says about me, but there you have it.

Equally as telling, is what writing utensil you choose to use. The personality of a fountain pen user vs. a Sharpie® fan may differ tremendously. How do you choose to express yourself? Read below to find out!

*Note: Statements below are the sole opinions of the author.

Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen: Elegant and sophisticated – that is what you are. You prefer a small taste of luxury in your work day. The fountain pen allows you a greater degree of personalization than your average ballpoint pen. You enjoy the subtleties of calligraphy and relish the extra flourish of a well-crafted signature. You may find that a pocket protector will serve you well.


Sharpie: You prefer to live life in bold strokes and bright colors. You are not afraid to make mistakes and enjoy the permanence that a Sharpie offers you (you only live once, right?) You have a propensity for doodling and don’t limit yourself to strictly Black. You are constantly in a hurry and, if I had to venture a guess, have a desk that is covered in Post-it® notes.


No. 2 Pencil: Practice makes perfect – that is your motto. Who needs Wite-Out® when you have an eraser at your disposal? Memories of grade school and standardized “bubble” tests come flooding back to you every time you pick up your favorite writing instrument.

Red Pen

Red Pen: You like a taste of authority in your life and enjoy correcting others from time to time. You are not afraid to stand out from the crowd or be perceived as different. Your choice of red ink may signal a mood of anger or forcefulness, however.  Alternatively, you may be a teacher and have no other choice…

Ballpoint Pen

BIC® Ballpoint Pen: Why must so much attention be paid to what writing instrument one chooses? The average, run-of-the-mill pen will work quite nicely, thank you very much. You enjoy the functional and the practical. Blue, Black, Red, or Green, all colors will serve your writing purposes equally as well.


Tablet: Innovator, early adopter… you are the future! You can’t be bothered with pen and paper (no messy ink and scads of used, discarded notebooks). A more environmentally friendly note-taking option suits you better. Your tablet also allows you to feign diligently taking notes in a meeting, while you are actually checking out your newest app — Snapchat perhaps?

What is your writing utensil of choice?