For my first three blog entries on the HON Forward Blog I took you through the life of a sales trainer during a live training event. For this entry I wanted to give a brief glimpse of an average day at The HON Company HQ.

Gatton Blog 1

Collaboration is a big part of the member culture at HON HQ. Here (L-R) Ian Badolato,  Richard Stange, (Photos of my wife),  and I are finalizing our newest online class on the HON Ready Portal.

Gatton Blog 2

Sales Trainers Richard Stange and LB Ehlers work on proofreading the newest online class. The sales training team has recently begun working with new software to develop online trainings. The software may take a little more time to create and edit, but the results have been excellent. Here is an example of training Richard built using the new software.

Gatton Blog 3

One of the many reasons I love working for HON is the member benefits. HON offers partial reimbursement of a gym membership at the local YMCA. On some lunch breaks, if I have time, I’ll slip away and get a workout in.

Gatton Blog 4

During a meeting in the afternoon a small group of us met at one of the Flock vignettes. Flock is designed for these quick impromptu meetings and it’s much easier than finding a conference room that isn’t already booked.

There are a variety of reasons that I enjoy working for The HON Company, but one of the biggest is the sense of teamwork. HON has a great culture of people working together as one. Just like a team is made of different parts with different strengths, a cornerstone of the culture here is working together for a common goal.

Gatton Blog 5

And sometimes there’s free pizza…

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