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HON Flock Stool

As a seven year old who could not wait to see what gifts Santa brought, I would have disagreed with the statement “The Best Things Come in Small Packages”.  But now that I am older, I think differently.  The little things make a huge difference in the world of business, especially the office furniture industry.  In a mature industry, HON has to continually think of ways to differentiate ourselves.  Our attention to detail is a way to do just that.

Sure the big things, such as having a wide product offering that is backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty, is important, but it is the small things that can differentiate one company from another.

So what are some of these best things that come in small packages?  Showing strong attention to detail in the design of product; take the Flock® stool for example.  Through the VOC process, we determined that users of the stool may be perching on their chair and need a spot to rest their arms, hence the extra ledge on the back of the Flock stool. HON Flock Stool

Two manufacturers can have a great stool backed by a strong warranty, but that attention to detail could be the deciding factor for the customer.

Another example of attention to detail, is to not only have a Customer Support Team, but to have a live person answering calls. Then, making sure a resolution was achieved by asking “Is there anything else I can assist you with?” at the end of every call. Through efforts like these, HON becomes more than just a manufacturer; we become your business partner.

Lastly, take the time to listen and create conversation with your business partners. The small task of listening can result in a larger understanding of the best furniture solution for a customer.

The big gifts around the holiday season are great, but so are the small unexpected gifts from a loved one.  Maybe it’s a little trinket in your stocking that was only $1, but the giver paid attention to the detail and its significance to you.  The big things in business are imperative and a requirement. The differentiation can come in the small things and attention to detail.

What is a small thing you are currently doing in your business that is making a big impact?



Thanksgiving has come and gone which means the winter holidays are quickly approaching. You may have your home decorated in lights, wreaths and ornaments, but have you thought of adding a bit of holiday spirit to your workspace?

Here are some quick ideas that will add a bit of holiday pop to your workspace, without going overboard:

Winter themed tissue boxes – The cold weather has you sniffling anyway-may as well use it as a decoration.

Small decorations – Such as framed holiday sayings or small ornaments.

Winter photos of your family or pets – I personally prefer adding pictures of my pup, but put a family Christmas card to more use!

Holiday screensaver – When you are away, a boost of holiday spirit will be added to your space.

Holiday mugs – Those crazy holiday mugs in the back of your cupboard are finally in season! Make an appearance with your mug at a meeting and you’re bound to spread some holiday cheer!

Coasters – These add a little color and can be changed for the season. Plus, they are great displays for your holiday mugs.

Fun calendar – Works year round to add some pop to your workspace.

Here’s how HON members have added holiday spirit to their workspaces:




How do you decorate your office for the holidays?

Self-expression. What we choose to surround ourselves with makes us who we are. Hairstyle, car, and preferred Starbucks® beverage are all fine examples. I, for example, model a past the shoulders, very straight hairdo, drive a Black Ford® Fusion, and sip a Valencia Orange Starbucks Refresher™ (or a grande Blonde roast, room for cream will do quite nicely as well). I don’t know what exactly that says about me, but there you have it.

Equally as telling, is what writing utensil you choose to use. The personality of a fountain pen user vs. a Sharpie® fan may differ tremendously. How do you choose to express yourself? Read below to find out!

*Note: Statements below are the sole opinions of the author.

Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen: Elegant and sophisticated – that is what you are. You prefer a small taste of luxury in your work day. The fountain pen allows you a greater degree of personalization than your average ballpoint pen. You enjoy the subtleties of calligraphy and relish the extra flourish of a well-crafted signature. You may find that a pocket protector will serve you well.

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For my first three blog entries on the HON Forward Blog I took you through the life of a sales trainer during a live training event. For this entry I wanted to give a brief glimpse of an average day at The HON Company HQ.

Gatton Blog 1

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