Coloring book23Yes, that is a coloring book sitting on the edge of our desk. And yes, it does benefit my productivity and yours.

Studies have shown that taking regular breaks during the workday can lead to improved productivity and creativity. Additionally, stepping away from the computer screen will give your eyes a break and reduce eye strain.

While I could get up and walk to the restroom or get something to drink for my work breaks, I’ve found that adding a bit of color to a picture helps spark my creativity during a task.

Working your way through a large document or an excel spreadsheet may cause your eyes to cross or your concentration to start to wane. Take a 5 minute break. Stand up, grab a crayon and add a little color to your favorite picture. It’ll get your mind off of what you’re working on for a short time as you attempt to stay in the lines and allow your eyes to look at something different. Then, head back to the task at hand with relaxed eyes, an open mind and get to work.

Currently, there are about five pictures in various stages of colored-ness by coworkers who pass by. They may get done this year, they may not, but no one cares. The coloring artist took a moment away from the computer screen to relax their mind before heading off to accomplish their next task.

What do you do to take a quick work break?