tough mudderOkay, so maybe it seems like a little bit of a stretch but after running my first Tough Mudder® in St. Louis, here is how I came to the conclusion that preparing for a Tough Mudder is like hosting a webinar.

Add Value, Create Excitement, and Work Together

Add Value- During the preparation phase of our training for Tough Mudder, we learned a lot.  Adding value is important in many ways because if something doesn’t add value to your life, you simply don’t do it.  This holds true for Tough Mudder training. Everything we did in preparation added value and helped to strengthen our bodies for the event.  We would do 100 yard, 150 pound bag drags across an unused football field.  We would practice our pull-ups, do monkey bars on the playgrounds of local schools, and we would run hills all over the city.  Everything we did added value in our preparation phase so that we would be able to traverse muddy monkey bars, mud miles, and 9-10 foot wooden walls.   We must add value for our learners and we do that by hosting webinars on new products and tools from The HON Company.  Webinars are a key component to our training. We train our learners on how to effectively sell and win projects using The HON Company’s products and tools so that when the rubber meets the road, they’re prepared.

Create Excitement- Adding value isn’t enough. We also need to create excitement. I have to say that Tough Mudder does a great job in creating excitement for their events.  Not only do they send multiple, informative emails about the upcoming event but they include videos on obstacles Mudders will encounter on the day of the event much like the challenge our team participated in as seen here.  The first wall alone builds excitement.  Each Mudder has to traverse a 6 foot wall before even getting to the starting line! Once over the wall, Tough Mudder rallies everyone together and builds excitement for the whole course before releasing Mudders across the start line.  The same kind of excitement needs to happen for any event The HON Company puts on. For our learning events, we advertise them in different ways to create excitement around each event.  As our Tough Mudder race approached we received emails about other upcoming races. The HON Company advertises their upcoming webinars in the same way. You will find them in “On-the-Mark,” on the learning center on the HON Ready Portal, or you will hear them plugged at the live learning event you’re attending. Webinars help supplement live and e-learning and continue the excitement of winning big when your company teams up with HON.

 Work Together- Prior to running a Tough Mudder they rally everyone together and prepare each of us for the event ahead- “That Mudder to your right, that mudder to your left, that mudder behind you… that’s your teammate.”  In our group, there was a lady whose partners opted out at the last minute and she joined another team on the spot.  It’s about working together.  Some of the walls are 9-10 feet high and not everyone can do them on their own.  Our team had to work together on many occasions to get through the course.  The same goes for learning events.  All of the opportunities to learn need to be brought together and complement one another.  For The HON Company, our live learning events are structured around how to sell HON products in a face-to-face setting. However, we also have webinars to supplement the live learning events. Webinars are usually centered on our newer products and focus on how to be competitive and aspects of the product that set it apart.  We also have formal (and fun) e-learning that helps our learners to learn specific attributes of the product and talking points.  Each of the learning events need to complement each other and work together to get to the desired outcome.   Just like the Tough Mudder motto of “no Mudder left behind,” The HON Company’s wide variety of training opportunities strives to make sure “no dealer is left behind.”   We do promise though, that we’ll keep you squeaky clean!

How do you add value, create excitement, and work together?