Developing content for tweets, posts and pins can be harder than most think. Posting content that lacks quality on your social media outlets can make your company appear dull and boring. This struggle continues to plague social media community managers who are constantly searching for content with substance. Here are some quick ideas to help conquer your content woes!

1)      Repurpose Old ContentHONCompany Facebook

Have an old blog that you can put a new twist on? Have a picture saved from last year’s big tradeshow? Repurpose this old content into something new and interesting for your audience.

2)      Ask

Can’t find anything to post? Just ask! Sometimes the best content is out there simply waiting to be shared. Ask your followers if they have photos from a recent furniture installation you completed or if they have any great stories about working with your company.  Your colleagues can be a great source of content as well. Ask them to share pictures of them out in the field at an industry event or installing your product. You can’t be everywhere at once, so find people who are willing to feed you the content you need!

3)      Spice it Up

HONCompany Facebook

Add some humor or playfulness to an average post about your product. Some of the most engaged content I’ve seen on social media involves companies using their brand in fun new ways and environments. Give your product or service some personality and portray that across your social media channels.

4)      Deliver Consistency

It’s been proven that consistency on social media can drive engagement. Posting ten times one day and not at all for the three following days can really confuse the people who follow you. Foster continuous engagement by posting at a rate which makes it comfortable for you to put out new content.  This may mean holding on to a fun photo for a few days until you have a good window of time to post. Make it a routine to always post a work wellness article every Monday morning or always ask a fun trivia question on Thursdays. You’ll find it’s easy to get quality content once you make it a habit.

How do you generate content for your social media channels?

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