Wait, did I say that right? The old is in? It sure is, thanks to websites like Pinterest and Etsy many people have found re-purposing furniture the new ‘it’ hobby. I know I definitely have. It makes you think of all the furniture you tossed out and if it could have been revamped or tweaked into something greater that served a different purpose.

I work in the Integrated Design Solutions Department and have come across quite a few reconfigure projects in the last couple of months. Several dealerships have wanted to salvage their old panels and desks to reconfigure a new space or accommodate more employees. I consider these projects a challenge or puzzle. It’s a matter of taking the old and useless and turning it into something better. This got me thinking that it’s not too far off from a picture I came across of an old HON filing cabinet being used as a planter. I found this to be so creative and inspiring. How many other objects at work or home could we revisit and completely change the purpose of?  Take these vertical filing cabinets that someone took the drawers out, gave it a new color and used each drawer space as a place for a plant.

So in hindsight, maybe it’s not such a great idea to donate those old filing cabinets that you have stored in the basement. Maybe all they need is a little TLC and a new purpose.