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SmallFootprint_2_IWM2AHMNT10T_2When planning or remodeling an office you think about the most obvious things such as flooring, the color of the walls and what type of furniture will be used.  What about the lighting? Have you ever put much thought into this and how it will affect your daily productivity?  Bad lighting in your office can cause eye strain, persistent headaches,   bad moods and unproductive levels of work activity.  You should have lighting that not only complements a space but also makes the space comfortable.  Here are 5 ways that you can achieve great lighting.

Create Daylight in Your Office

Create daylight by making sure windows are not blocked and are free of clutter.  Natural daylight is the best lighting for your eyes and will help reduce strain as you work.

Furniture Configuration

Position your desk so it is perpendicular to the closest window. The 90 degree angle will reduce reflection on your computer monitor making it easier to work while enjoying the natural light that is coming in.

Reduce Shadows

The use of overhead lighting fixtures will greatly reduce shadows. Use in multiples of two and position to the left and right of your desk.

Reduce Reflection and Glare

Bright light will “wash out” your computer monitor making it difficult to work.  The use of blinds or window tint is a wonderful and temporary fix for when the sun is at its strongest projecting into your workspace.

Buy a Desk Lamp

Create additional light when you want it, when you need it by adding a desk lamp to your work space. Task lamps with adjustable arms work the best. Also, be careful of brightly colored and fun lamps.  They initially may seem cheerful, but can come off as unprofessional and distracting to others in the workplace.

What tactics do you use to create great lighting in your office?



Have you noticed you’ve been a little less focused at work? Is it taking you longer to finish things that would normally take you no time at all? Does your desk/office happen to be a little messy? Well then look no further for the problem of your unfocused mind than your disorganized space.


We all know that having a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. There are a handful of old sayings regarding this very phenomenon, but it’s not just an old wives tale. A number of scientific studies, including one published by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, have found that having a lot of clutter can affect our ability to focus on a single task. According to the study, the clutter causes you to be distracted as the brain tries to focus on too many things at once, making you unable to process information as you would in an organized environment.


1. Declutter Your Thoughts

Aside from physical storage and organization, you can keep your mind organized with a daily To Do list or work binder. I have a separate binder tab for all of my projects and it makes it that much easier to focus on one thing at a time. Before, I had a few different notebooks for different things and it was difficult and distracting to go back and forth. This also keeps all of your important notes and ideas all in one place, instead of scattered across your workspace.


2. Love Your Desk Organizers 

If you have items you don’t like, such as a boring pencil cup or plain file folders, you’re probably less likely to use them like you should. Think about how excited you’ll be to put your paperwork in it’s right folder if the folder is in your favorite pattern? Having desk accessories that organize your space help with functionality, but also enjoyment. I switch out my desk accessories a few times a year and I’m always excited to grab a pencil or put paperclips back where they should go when I have a new set.

3. Get a good storage system

Whether you have a small workstation or an office all to yourself, make sure you have a good storage system to eliminate some of the clutter. If you work in a business with a lot of paper work, get yourself a filing cabinet to keep everything organized and out of sight when you don’t need it. File cabinets can also be used to hold photographs, awards, plants and other things, so they’re not on your desk. They’ll still be in your space, but you won’t be focusing on them instead of work.

How do you keep your office and mind organized?


As you may know, HON is the largest operating company of HNI Corporation, the second-largest office furniture manufacturer in the world.  Inspired by practicality and invested in understanding the needs of our customers, this translates into HON furniture being used by real people, in the real world, to produce real solutions.  You just have to take a moment to spot it.

The customer catalog merchandising team at HON has affectionately named this activity “HON Spotting.”  HON Spotting is when you take notice of a HON product and share your find with friends.  We have found that it is a great feeling to recognize HON product and see the purpose it is providing in the real world.

Here are some of our group text exchanges from the past few months.

anders 1

You can also reach out to your friends and family to get them involved.  A quick text returned this beautiful Pillow-Soft® being used by Lt. Jasmine Tesdahl at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

anders 2

So take a moment to do some HON Spotting of your own.  You can join us in feeling proud of the HON brand and the solutions that are used each day.

Tag your pictures of HON products in the wild on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest with #HONSpotted or post them on our Facebook page!

5837422302_a337a6967b_bThe HON Company strives to be your manufacturer of choice – and we want it to be an easy choice.  Right now, the Dealer Services Group at HON is taking a look at how we can make your lives easier and help you grow your HON business.

The Dealer Services Group is a strategic initiative underway to help you win more projects with HON. My name is Rachel Sarafin and I’m a DSG Specialist. My job is to make HON “Easy to Do Business With”.

What does it mean to be “Easy to Do Business With?” At night when my husband-to-be is trying the newest video game or watching football, I fill my time the same few online shopping retailers. Which ones do I choose to do business with? I choose the websites with free shipping and free returns (talking about you, Zappos!) I choose the retailers that are reliable and deliver my new shoes complete and on time. I recently trusted an online website of a major department store to deliver a HUGE purchase (my wedding dress). When that dress was back-ordered, I received a prompt email and friendly customer service. To me, “easy to do business with” isn’t hard to identify – and it makes all the difference.

What makes HON easy to do business with?

1.  Project Services: HON offers a suite of services to help you present a strong solution to your customer. Let us do the work and we will provide you with tools like photo-realistic renderings and competitive pricing to get the job done. COMING SOON – you’ll have one platform to manage the full portfolio of HON services!

2. HON Daily: There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a purchase, only to learn it is weeks away from my doorstep.  With the new look and feel of HON Daily, you can feel confident providing your customers the best solution with some of the best lead times in the industry.

3. HON’s Full Lifetime Warranty: Every time you purchase a HON product you’re making an investment in your future. You can trust us to do our best for as long as you need us! The HON Full Lifetime Warranty is backed by our notoriously awesome customer support team.

4. Dealer Services Group: That’s me! I’m here to make your life easier and manage your project services. Call 1.800.321.5385 or email anytime for project help!

Thanks for choosing HON!  What else can we do to make HON “Easy to Do Business With?”

As a sales trainer I spend a good portion of time traveling to conduct live training events in our showrooms as well as the showrooms and offices of some of our partners.   Attending a live training isn’t always an option for some of our HON sales partners so providing product training in an “on demand” online environment is crucial to their success.  As a training department we host all of our e-learning, “on demand” product trainings on The Learning Center which can be accessed inside the HON Ready Portal.

The Learning Center can be accessed by click on the Online Classes and Registration under the Learning Center tab on the HON Ready Portal.

The Learning Center can be accessed by click on Online Classes and Registration under the Learning Center tab on the HON Ready Portal.

Check out our latest training- Seating 101. The Learning Center allows you to learn more about HON’s products and programs without having to leave the house.

Check out our latest training- Seating 101. The Learning Center allows you to learn more about HON’s products and programs without having to leave your seat!

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