Sometimes, your office just needs a good update. Maybe you’ve had the same chair for five years or maybe that filing cabinet is so unexciting it makes you want to cry, but it’s not enough to buy all new things. I love doing DIY projects for the office, and even the simplest changes can really update your workspace’s look and feel. Here are a few easy DIY projects and easy updates that will turn your office from drab to fab!

If you want to give your black office chair a little update, add a fun pillow! It will add some color to your seating, and it’s great for your posture. Plus, you can update your chairs look several times a year with new pillows.


Maybe your office came with some unappealing art, or maybe you’ve just had some lying around your house, but either way you can still utilize the antique wood frame it came in. This DIY is a little more labor intensive since you’ll have to remove the backing and picture from the frame and then lay in the cork board, but the result is so lovely!


Office supplies, especially office supplies that were bought in bulk, have the reputation of being a bit bland. But with a little spray paint, those boring desk accessories will now be the most exciting part of your space!


Even if your office isn’t full of cubicles, it’s more than likely all of the desks look the same. Not a bad thing (the HON Voi™ Laminate Desking Series is really attractive), but it does run the risk of becoming repetitive looks wise. Change out your standard desk accessories for a few unique and still functional pieces, like an owl mousepad or a cheeky desk organizer. These are easy to change out and still provide you with everything you need for your work day!

Which office update will you try?