pinkEngagement is more than a word.  It is a feeling.  It makes up who we are as an organizational culture and digs down to the core fiber of our success.  An engaged population is a fruitful population.  They are willing to go the extra mile to meet customer’s needs.  They are impactful.

At The HON Company we pride ourselves on our level of engagement.  It is something that was not developed overnight, but instead has been nurtured since the inception of our company.  Maxwell Stanley, co-founder of Home-O-Nize, was a key driver in this philosophy.  He suggested we refer to our employees as “Members” as he felt this suggested “a greater sense of belonging and participation.”  Our founders also felt it was crucial we treat employees with fairness and respect.  Throughout the years this belief has remained true and is still represented in our current core values.

One core value tied to this philosophy which is widely being celebrated today at The HON Company is “A belief in shared responsibility and a reward structure that engages all members in the business improvement process.”  Today is profit sharing day at The HON Company.  There is an exciting buzz as Managers, Directors, and Executive Level Leaders pass out profit sharing stubs and thank Members for their service to the organization.  It is amazing how such a simple thing can create such a sustainable uptick in morale.  Profit sharing is more than just extra cash in a Member’s pocket.  It is a reassurance that we, as Members, are doing something right.  It helps people stay focused and be more thoughtful of their actions and the repercussions of those actions. Increased productivity, leaner thinking, process improvements, smarter hiring… these are all derivates of working for a company who gives back to everyone involved when we are successful.  Shared responsibility, shared rewards.  It is all about helping to drive our member engagement and is something we are truly proud of at The HON Company.

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