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Ah the good old “office chair.” It’s black. It’s boring. It looks like every other chair in your office, not to mention a million other chairs on the market. Too long  offices been plagued by standard seating. Whoever said that office chairs had to be characterless? Your office seating should have just as much personality as you do! Here are five chairs to replace your boring office seating.

HON Nucleus

1. HON Nucleus® Task Chair

This is not your typical high-backed chair, but it’ll still make you feel like the boss. I love its high back design and two-toned color scheme. It’s still subtle enough that it’s not outlandish, but it still makes a statement. Plus, it’s really comfortable!

HON Ignition

2. HON Ignition™ Mid-Back Task Chair

Even if you like the support and look of a standard office chair, your chair doesn’t have to be black! Get a desk chair in a fun color, like the purple one above, to make your chair stand out a little. It still has the classic office look, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun.

HON Volt

3. HON Volt® Task Chair

Same goes for the Volt Task Chair. It has that classic look about it, but an interesting fabric can really set it apart. The great thing about this chair is that it actually comes in a variety of different upholstery options, so even if you want your office to have all matching chairs, you can get them in all different fabrics!

HON Ignition

4. HON Ignition™ Mesh-back Guest Chair

You could always go with something like the HON  Ignition guest chair. I love it in this lovely red color! I also love that it has wheels on the bottom so it can be moved around. It would be perfect for an open loft type office.

HON Flock

5. HON Flock™ Round Chair 

This chair is great for a casual office or as a guest chair. This green is such a lovely springy color and looks amazingly comfortable. This chair is also a perfect choice for a reception or office lounge area.

Which of these chairs would you love to have in your office?



Did you know the Integrated Design Solutions team offers a free rendering service?  With this service we can show you what your HON product will actually look like in the finishes you choose.  We can provide 2-3 renderings per project.  I really enjoy completing renderings for our dealers because it makes the project come to life.  This can be a very beneficial tool when trying to sell a customer on something they are not quite able to visualize.  Below are some examples of renderings I have completed for past projects!

Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions Integrated Design Solutions



I know that staring at a blank wall in your office can drive a person crazy, it happens. This is especially maddening when you have to be creative. How can you be motivated if your space is lacking in inspiration? Whether you’re not ready to commit to a major change or you’re not really sure where to start, there are a few things you can do to update your office walls that will make your whole office sing!



1. Paint

Ah, paint. A classic way to change the look and feel of your office walls. If you’re ready for a big commitment on your office decor, paint is a good way to go. My own office is a great bright purple. It definitely sets it apart from other offices and leaves me inspired. I suggest bright colors that are still easy to coordinate with, like blues and greens. And I love the idea of painting the ceiling too, as long as you don’t have that popcorn ceiling!

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Contrary to the ever-popular Wizard of Oz, HON Customer Support wants you to know the “man behind the curtain”. Or, in this case, phone. When you call Customer Support, you’ll connect with one of our forty team members to provide a part, product, solution, or status.  Our mission is to be easy to do business with (ETDBW) and to serve our loyal customer base with flawless efficiency.

One may ask what some of our most common queries are, and you might be surprised! Below, we’ll examine some of our most common questions and follow the yellow brick road to your answers:

  1.  Order Status and Changes: What’s this, you might ask? ‘What is my Acknowledgement Date?’ is one of our most common questions. We’re always happy to provide this information, and so is HON Ready. The Order Status Application, located under the Order Management tab, has readily accessible information, searchable by Purchase Order number, Shipping Order number, Load or Invoice number. If you’d rather speak to a human being, Customer Support will always answer your call!
  1. Date Improvements: Ah, the ever elusive “need-it-yesterday” ship date.  To provide quick turnaround, we’ve implemented programs to assist in these markets. Our HON Daily Programs, namely HON Daily On Demand (HDOD) and HON Daily Chairs Direct, are quick ships designed to give you want you need, deliver it fast, and help you sell more HON. Each program targets a market niche. For instance, our Chairs Direct program gives you dozens of models and a plethora of options. The best part? Your chair(s) ship in two business days. What a deal!
  1. Tracking and Delivery Information: On the lookout for your HON truck? If you’re anything like me, before I came to HON as a rosy-cheeked college graduate, I knew little to nothing about freight carriers. With some time and training, I became a logistics guru. The experts at Customer Support can provide you with up to date tracking information to assist in scheduling your installer or working with your end user. In addition, we can obtain Proof of Deliveries, Bills of Lading, and circle sheets if necessary. If you happen to be playing “Spot the HON Truck”, my Customer Support cohorts and I are experts; we can spot one right now near you!

toy trucks

  1. Fabrics and Finishes: Personally, my favorite textile is Brisa Birch (RS64) and the ever popular Whisper Vinyl comes in a strong second. Customer Support receives many calls on this topic, whether it is clarification on a color code, understanding available options, or checking to see which patterns are a part of our Preferred Fabrics. In this, the List Pricer is one of our best references. Our well worn pricer pal gives us a variety of options and codes to choose from; and we’re accustomed to flipping through to help you find the best fit. Additionally, is an excellent resource to find codes, patterns, and pictures of these textiles.
  1. Serial Number Information and Warranty: What’s in a serial number? Everything! By providing us with a serial number, Customer Support can hone in on your particular model, check warranty, determine original order information, and find Toto, too. Not only can we see if you’ve spoken to someone else in Customer Support about your unit, but we can also check if we’ve already sent you parts. Almost every unit produced at HON has a serial number, and they’re all unique (which makes for quite a few!). ‘What is your serial number?’ is likely to be one of the first questions we’ll ask you- and now you know why!

Remember, Customer Support is here to be a resource for you; we’re [HON] ready to help! Contact HON Customer Support at or 1.800.833.3964!

Sometimes, your office just needs a good update. Maybe you’ve had the same chair for five years or maybe that filing cabinet is so unexciting it makes you want to cry, but it’s not enough to buy all new things. I love doing DIY projects for the office, and even the simplest changes can really update your workspace’s look and feel. Here are a few easy DIY projects and easy updates that will turn your office from drab to fab!

If you want to give your black office chair a little update, add a fun pillow! It will add some color to your seating, and it’s great for your posture. Plus, you can update your chairs look several times a year with new pillows.


Maybe your office came with some unappealing art, or maybe you’ve just had some lying around your house, but either way you can still utilize the antique wood frame it came in. This DIY is a little more labor intensive since you’ll have to remove the backing and picture from the frame and then lay in the cork board, but the result is so lovely!


Office supplies, especially office supplies that were bought in bulk, have the reputation of being a bit bland. But with a little spray paint, those boring desk accessories will now be the most exciting part of your space!


Even if your office isn’t full of cubicles, it’s more than likely all of the desks look the same. Not a bad thing (the HON Voi™ Laminate Desking Series is really attractive), but it does run the risk of becoming repetitive looks wise. Change out your standard desk accessories for a few unique and still functional pieces, like an owl mousepad or a cheeky desk organizer. These are easy to change out and still provide you with everything you need for your work day!

Which office update will you try?


pinkEngagement is more than a word.  It is a feeling.  It makes up who we are as an organizational culture and digs down to the core fiber of our success.  An engaged population is a fruitful population.  They are willing to go the extra mile to meet customer’s needs.  They are impactful.

At The HON Company we pride ourselves on our level of engagement.  It is something that was not developed overnight, but instead has been nurtured since the inception of our company.  Maxwell Stanley, co-founder of Home-O-Nize, was a key driver in this philosophy.  He suggested we refer to our employees as “Members” as he felt this suggested “a greater sense of belonging and participation.”  Our founders also felt it was crucial we treat employees with fairness and respect.  Throughout the years this belief has remained true and is still represented in our current core values.

One core value tied to this philosophy which is widely being celebrated today at The HON Company is “A belief in shared responsibility and a reward structure that engages all members in the business improvement process.”  Today is profit sharing day at The HON Company.  There is an exciting buzz as Managers, Directors, and Executive Level Leaders pass out profit sharing stubs and thank Members for their service to the organization.  It is amazing how such a simple thing can create such a sustainable uptick in morale.  Profit sharing is more than just extra cash in a Member’s pocket.  It is a reassurance that we, as Members, are doing something right.  It helps people stay focused and be more thoughtful of their actions and the repercussions of those actions. Increased productivity, leaner thinking, process improvements, smarter hiring… these are all derivates of working for a company who gives back to everyone involved when we are successful.  Shared responsibility, shared rewards.  It is all about helping to drive our member engagement and is something we are truly proud of at The HON Company.

Sound refreshing?  To learn more about working for The HON Company and the exciting culture available check out our careers page at

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