1)      LinkedIn Employee Search

Recruiting for a new position? Trying to find qualified candidates? Take a moment to browse through LinkedIn. This professional networking site makes it easy to search keywords like “social media professional” or “CPA” to find the right candidate in your area. LinkedIn profiles are often times a verbatim electronic version of someone’s resume. Take a moment to evaluate their experience, skills and talents. Don’t be afraid to connect  or shoot them a message describing your open position! Make sure to stay personable in your message, otherwise you may come across as spam and inauthentic.

2)      Twitter Searches

Twitter’s search function is an incredible tool that many people simply overlook as a basic website feature. Businesses can search important keywords to their market and find potential customers instantaneously. For example, if an office furniture dealer searched the terms “need office chair” they could find the following leads:


A simple personal reply back to these potential customers could lead to great new business!

3)      Pinterest Sources

Wondering who is pinning pictures of your products? Use the URL http://www.pinterest.com/source/yourcompany.com to find images on Pinterest that were taken from your site. This is a quick way to find potential clients or people that are already interested in what your company has to offer!

4)      Divide and Conquer

Social media dashboards like HootSuite are crucial to organizing and keeping track of your social media profiles. Creating feeds on your HootSuite dashboard for Facebook Wall Posts, Twitter Feeds and Twitter Searches allow you to make sure you don’t miss anything important on social media! HootSuite also allows you to schedule posts, so that important ‘Happy Holidays’ tweet doesn’t go out a week too late! Additional Tip: Organize your Twitter followers into lists (i.e. Potential Customers, Industry Leaders, Community Stakeholders) and import those into your HootSuite dashboard to keep tabs on important social influencers for your business!

5)      Ask Questions

It’s proven that followers on your social media pages are more likely to interact with your company if you ask questions! Don’t post high-level, ACT type questions, though. Simple, fun and engaging questions will spur conversation and buzz on your social media page.


In what ways does your business stay engaged on social media?