So, you hate going to the office. Not because of the work, of course, but because you hate your workspace. Is your office boring? Are you tired of the décor? Looking to make a change, but have no idea where to start? You’re not alone. Taking the first step to changing your office space is always the hardest, but putting it off is only going to make you hate your  office more. Try to take your office redo one easy step at a time.

Pinterest Design

1. Get inspired

When I need a little design inspiration, I turn to everyone’s favorite online bulletin board: Pinterest. Pinterest has  hundreds of gorgeous office looks, DIY projects and wishlists to look at in order to build your dream office. I post on
here daily so I can always have inspiring spaces a few clicks away. I’d suggest creating a separate board just for your office redo in order to motivate and inspire you, as well as track all of your ideas.

2. Be realistic

If you have limited space or a limited budget, you have to be realistic on how to change your workspace. If you’re renting an office space, you’re obviously not going to be able to knock out walls for that loft feel you love. I don’t think you need to do construction in order to have an awesome workspace/office, so think outside of “permanent” changes. If you have a small space for just a desk at home, you won’t be redoing an entire room. You can still have a great space no
matter how big, so keep that in mind.

Image via Increatables

Image via Icreatables

3. Take it one piece at a time

Whatever it is that bothers you so much about your office, be it your walls, your carpet, or your furniture, try redoing a piece at a time. Start by changing the walls with a new paint job or temporary wallpaper or decorative panels. Get a
new desk or a new chair and see how you feel. Making these changes one at a time, instead of all at once, will be less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Most importantly, keep a list of all the changes you want to make otherwise you won’t know what to do or where to go!

Image via AP

Image via AP

4. Rearrange things (Even the President does it!)
If you can’t find anything wrong with the decor itself, maybe it’s the position of everything that’s bothering you. Recently, I moved my workspace from my office’s main room and into an enclosed office and I feel SO much better. Try
moving your desk to the opposite wall or shifting things around in your cubicle, even the most subtle of changes can help you love your space a little more.

What are some quick solutions to solving the lack of love of your workspace?

333Sayeh, The Office Stylist, is a guest contributor to the HON Forward Blog. Check out her bio on our Meet The Team page!