Last week, HON Sales Training held three one-day Accelerate™ and New Product Training Sessions in Westlake, Texas at the Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott-Solana. I thought it would be a great opportunity to snap a few photos to show the day-to-day of a HON Sales Trainer.


Leaving the Quad City Airport for sunny Dallas, TX- a little part of me felt like I was going on Spring Break again. The feeling vanished quickly when it was only 47 degrees at DFW when we landed.


Accelerate Product Manager Erin Farrington started off each training with Accelerate positioning and marketing resources. This was a great way for the group of sellers to learn more about why HON developed the new monolithic system and where it fits in our current offering.


Solutions Account Associate Kyle Yager demonstrating how to properly install Accelerate starting with a simple two way “L” connection. Installation was a breeze!


At one point Kyle let me run the drill–proving that absolutely anyone can install this panel system.


After the installation demo, the group worked in teams in a specifying exercise. Each team or individual used the Accelerate supplemental pricer to pick the panels, connectors, trim, worksurfaces, supports and storage in a simple station.


My attempt to take an Instagram worthy photo of the group during the exercise.


Goodbye Texas. My time in Texas was short and sweet, but very rewarding. Not only did I get to show off Accelerate, Flock™ and Lota™ to more than 75 DSRs, but I also got to experience a different region of the country.