The HON Company Commons Muscatine

HON 1st Floor Commons Area: Perfect for a casual meeting or to grab a quick drink!

Does a better part of your day include working with others?  Do you spend a lot of time collaborating or strategizing as a team?  Many individuals in today’s workforce can probably answer yes to these questions.  As part of our Member and Community Relations team, I spend a significant portion of my day working with our prospective and current members on questions ranging from payroll and benefits to hiring needs and strategic improvements.  Much of my work involves conversations with others, discussions and Q&A, and a need to work through challenges to come to an optimal resolution.  One thing that helps me to be successful and meet these needs on a regular basis is the HON facility itself.  It is very fostering to the collaborative needs of my job and truly allows me, as a member, to accomplish my daily goals with ease.

Two of my favorite spots in the HON HQ building to pull together for a quick meeting are our commons area and the tunnel.  Both spaces offer tables and seating on a first come, first served basis and provide room for many.  In times where office footprints are becoming smaller and conference rooms space can be at a premium, having an alternative to working at your desk is a refreshing change of pace.

HON Headquarters Tunnel

This tunnel connects the 3rd Floor of the HON Headquarters to our Oak Laminate Plant.

And for those of us who sometimes just need to step away to get something done, these spaces satisfy this need to.  Just pop in your headphones and crank up your favorite playlist (which for all of you HON blog followers will know it could be Little Mermaid), and you’ll have your own serenity space just feet away from your desk.

HON Headquarters

HON Members use collaborative areas like this for impromptu meetings or a quick touchdown!

So next time you need to work in a group or have something you just need to check off your list, consider what alternative options you have in your own office location to working in a conference room or at your own desk and get up and go!

Want to create spaces like this in your office? Check out Flock™, HON’s latest line of collaborative workspace furniture!