As a designer I always find it extremely exciting when the color forecast comes out for the next year.  It’s a good indication of what will be popular in the coming year as far as interiors are concerned.  According to Pantone, there are nine color palettes that are predicted to influence upcoming 2013 interior design trends. Take a look at Casa Sugar’s recent post to learn more about all nine palettes.

These are my 2 favorites:

Pantone’s 2013 Connisseur Palette:  This palette draws from cool neutrals like alyssum white and beechnut green, contrasted with warmer tones of violets and orchids, liquid pink, and deep mahogany, all set against accents of champagne beige and silver.  The palette puts a fresh spin on old-world elegance, with decorative pieces that layer texture.  It’s refined and sophisticated with just the right amount of understated drama.

Pantone’s 2013 Glamour Palette:  This palette conjures the polished sexiness of the art deco era.  Rio red, Monaco blue, tap shoe black, chinchilla, ethereal gray, moonmist and jasper teal make up this color board.  Moodier tones definitely dominate.

Based on the palettes that have been predicted I thought it would be fun to come up with a mock-up rendering using our Voi® line.

HON Finishes used: Worksurfaces – Brilliant White, Storage – Columbian Walnut, Seating Fabric – Gio Ocean, Cushion Fabric – Hoopla Cool Cucumber