As a HON Sales Trainer, I get the opportunity to travel across the United States and train HON sales reps on the features and benefits of HON’s full line offerings. Last week Jordan Hougham and I led a HON University – Selling HON Now training in the Washington D.C. showroom. Here’s a look into the life of a Sales Trainer with The HON Company.

Early Morning Drive

Early Monday morning drive to the Airport. For all of the wonderful aspects of Muscatine, IA an airport isn’t one of them.

 Travel Tip: If you’re using Long Term parking at the airport, use the camera on your phone to take a picture of your car’s location so that you’ll have a reminder of your parking spot when you get back. I learned this the hard way on a cold night at the Quad City International Airport. I may have cried. Don’t judge me.

Oh hey there Washington Monument! This was my first time in Washington, D.C. so I had to snap a few pics in the cab on the way to the HON Showroom. Getting a clear shot between the parked cars, trees and tourists while in a moving car wasn’t easy. But this one turned out ok, and it only took me 19 tries to do it. Alfred Eisenstaedt I am not. You may not know his name but you’ll know his pictures.

Welcome to the D.C. showroom! This trip was my first to the showroom, and I was super impressed by the amount and variety of the HON product. You can see more about the DC showroom here.

Here’s another Sales Trainer Jordan Hougham extolling the wonderful virtues of HON Flagship storage. Do you know the 4 key competitive advantages of the HON Flagship series?


Selling HON Now trainings are a mixture of new and experienced reps as well as HON members. This was a great group eager to learn and share their experiences selling HON…but staged photography was not one of their strong points.

Being a sales trainer is a lot of hard work but the opportunities that come with it are far greater. Getting to meet new faces in new places is one of the biggest reasons that I enjoy my position here with The HON Company.