I am a reality TV junkie.

For those of you who know me…I realize that may be shocking. But even more amazing is that some of the well known reality shows could be used as a platform to promote HON.

If I were to rewrite some of the most popular reality shows with a focus on The HON Company, this is what you might see:

America’s Next Top Model – Instead of the ultimate contest for high fashion models, this is the runway version starring HON seating. Glitz, glamour and lots of fabulous photos…all as a way to introduce HON’s newest seating models. Watch in wonder as Nucleus rolls down the runway in its blinged-out polished aluminum base and arms. Envy the detailing and dazzling design of the Ceres as it spins through the spotlights.

The Amazing Case – HON’s famous Flagship laterals and pedestals are the focus of this prime time phenom. Based off The Amazing Race where teams travel the world completing challenging tasks, the files go through its rigorous testing adventure…the bumps, the drops, the hits. How it endures the abuse is truly amazing.

Say Yes to the Desk – In Say Yes to the Dress, brides choose their perfect wedding dress. In this version, a HON laminate desk is chosen. This is can be a challenging feat as there are so many from which to choose and who can resist their quality and design? Some are more traditional, some are more contemporary. Most of them you can dress up with a bit of flair, and some come in modular pieces that you can mix and match as you wish. So many choices…options, prices, finishes. How do you choose?

The Biggest Loser – Unlike the very popular weight loss series, where all the participants are ultimately winners…the HON version of The Biggest Loser could be about the office furniture manufacturer (you can fill in the blank) that you most recently won a HON project against. This would be a weekly, ongoing hit and you come out the winner with HON!

Project Oneway – Heidi Klum would approve of this Project Runway knock-off. Designers from all over would work with difficult customers,  challenging room layouts and agonizing aesthetic requests to develop typicals utilizing HON’s broad offering of product and finishes. The customer is the judge, and there’s one way they want it….their way. As Tim Gunn would say…”Make it work!”

And now, in conclusion, my favorite…

Survivor: Muscatine – This shares the experience of visiting Muscatine, IA, home and headquarters of The HON Company. If you are traveling from the big city (and when I say big city, I’m referring to anything over 30,000), Muscatine can be a survival of the fittest.  You will be dropped into a world where taxis don’t exist and if you raise your hand to hail a taxi, someone will just wave at you; a long commute to work is 10 minutes; exotic, local food options include world famous Muscatine watermelons; if you ask for a Coke, you will get a Pepsi and if you ask for a soda you’ll get a pop; and the oldest grist mill west of the Mississippi is a popular location for a photo op. But something you will have no problem finding in Muscatine is Midwest hospitality and the spirit of hard work. You will form many alliances with the family of HON members. It’s a real trip worth taking.