On the sales floor at HON, I have been dubbed by a few of our members as “the fabric lady.”  I love fabrics as an opportunity to brand your space and enhance the overall aesthetics of a room.  In this blog post, I have included some of my favorite fabrics, divided up into a few helpful categories:

1. Touch and Feel

Winner: Brisa (grade M5)

This Brisa fabric is so buttery feeling.  Made of polyurethane, this fabric beats any vinyl for style and feel.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Brisa Fabric Choices

2. Versatility

Winners: Centurion (grade III ) and Messenger (grade M2)

Centurion and Messenger are great go-to fabrics because they are solids.  Sometimes, you don’t have to look into or spend time focusing on the design of the fabric – instead, finding your favorite hue in a solid color can be all it takes to get the look.  Centurion offers a great selection at grade III, and Messenger really opens up the range with a rainbow variety of solid colors.

Centurion Fabric Choices

Messenger Fabric Choices

3. Innovation

Winner: ilira®-stretch

The ilira-stretch is used as a back material on our highly coveted Nucleus and Ceres chairs.  Chairs using this back look very slim, trim, and even high tech.  Moreover, the material itself is high-tech.  This fabric is an M4, meaning it stretches 4 different ways to accommodate any user that sits in it.  The fabric is extremely soft to the touch and provides inherent lumbar support.  Did I mention it looks great, too?


4. Design

Winner: Stitchery (grade III)

Stitchery is a winner in this category for a few reasons: looks, price, and convenience.  For a grade III fabric price, you have a great looking fabric that is among HON’s core textiles, which makes specifying Stitchery easy.  I enjoy Stitchery’s design because it makes a statement, but is not too flashy.

5. Performance

Winner:  Silvertex

Silvertex is a fabulous go-to for a fabric that requires more performance.  Silvertex fabrics carry bacteria-fighting defenses to inhibit odor and stain causing bacteria.  Prime applications include healthcare and hospitality.

This café-height Nucleus features Silvertex Mandarin and can be used in café areas, break rooms, public libraries, and many other applications.

Silvertex Fabric Choices

6. Trends:  Summer Ready!

This category is just for fun, but here are a few pictures of my favorite chairs in my favorite fabrics:

Nucleus, with the white hot (Vanilla) ilira®-stretch back and oh-so-cool neutral Sable color from Attire.


Ceres, again with the beautiful vanilla Ilira®-stretch back, this time with a splash of bright orange (Medium in Pumpkin).

There you have it, a few of my favorite fabrics from yours truly in the HON Solutions Account Group!  What are some of your favorite fabrics?  Why do you like to use them?