In the spirit of fast-approaching Earth Day, I thought I’d share some fun, creative ways to bring just a touch of green to the office. A favorite HON fun fact of mine: we collect our scrap fabric and turn it over to a company that shreds it for use in “shoddy”- a material used as a trunk liner in the auto industry! Little known fact.

Below are some of my favorite ideas (via our “Re-purposed” board on Pinterest) on how to incorporate re-purposed items into your office designs. Re-using, re-purposing, re-defining at its best!

Pegboard Picture Frame

Re-purposed picture frame. Just add peg board, hooks, and paint!


Jaguar used as bookshelf

A Jaguar re-purposed as a bookshelf... because everyone has an old Jaguar lying around. A very close second to our HON storage options!

Keyboard Decor

Re-using those old keyboards to make some fun office décor.

Ladder Turned Bookshelf

Old wooden ladder as a bookshelf.

Floppy Disk Pen Holders

Old floppy disks as pen holders for the desk.

Bed Spring Bulletin Board

Bed spring used as an office bulletin board.


So simple... yet so brilliant.

Makeshift Bulletin Board

Using hangers and clip boards as office bulletin boards/inspiration boards... great idea.