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It’s officially my favorite time of the year. Not Oscars season. Not the Super Bowl. Not New York Fashion Week. None of the above. It’s (drumroll)… NeoCon!

Put June 11th on your calendar, and be sure to register for NeoCon here. Think 2011 was fun? 2012 is going to be BIG.

We just closed our Chicago showroom in preparation for the big event— let the madness commence. Packing crates & a clean slate are getting us HON Ready!



Texas-based Perry Office Plus  recently provided Belton New Tech High with brand new HON furniture, including Voi, Preside, Ignition, Ceres, Huddle, 10500 Series, Vicinity, and Accomplish. The school looks great and learning ready! 

Collaborative classroom environments set the stage for the brand new high school program, in which teachers will design real world projects, and students will work together in teams. The high school currently only has a freshman class, but each year a new class of students will join Belton.

Check out the full video story here. How are you promoting your learning environment?

Thanks to 3rings, the Designer Pages product blog for architecture & design, for shedding the spotlight on Motivate this week!

“The Motivate line of dynamic tables feature built-in power and technology with plenty of additional options that will meet every classroom or office need as if custom-created for its setting.” Check out the full story here.







Okay…so…last month this column made a bold assertion regarding relationships and written warranties. It was even suggested that our readers consider modifying the HON Full Lifetime Warranty into a valentine card.

Well, if one does not follow one’s own advice, one should not be giving advice at all. So…this Blogger followed his own recommendations, and created what turned out to be a mantle piece, mounted right above the ol’ flat screen, for guests to view and contemplate.

Admittedly, one did not cut out the Warranty from the front page of the Pricer (which would amount to defacing Company Property). Instead, one extracted the words out of the PDF and pasted them in a nice PowerPoint auto-shape. Not quite able to fit the words to a heart, a banner was selected. The local card store provided the lacey laser cut background (MOST EXPENSIVE ONE IN THE STORE).

And voila, perhaps the fondest expression of personal commitment since a Shakespearean sonnet (and more readable to boot)! I trust you’ll find the transcription inspiring. My wife certainly did…

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Our core values and member culture have helped us through some challenging times. “Waste not, want not,” was our philosophy, and it remains part of our corporate DNA more than 60 years later.

Way back in 1947, when a steel shortage precipitated by World War II nearly closed our factory, we kept busy making boxes from recycled aluminum; these became some of our first office products. The boxes were later painted green to transform them from a kitchen item into a card file for the office.

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The HON Gallery has all of the marketing tools you need for your selling process at your fingertips.

Browse our latest product images, videos, catalogs and brochures from your iPad. Need that latest image of Ceres or Voi when you are meeting with a customer? Want to see how 10500 looks in various settings? Now you have the flexibility of having it all on your iPad— now available for download on the HON Ready Portal.

In the spirit of March Madness, we are giving away an iPad & a new Motivate chair to 2 lucky individuals.

Here’s how you can win:

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