It’s my pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of the HON family… Motivate! Motivate is a comprehensive line of products, including tables, seating, & presentation tools, that is perfectly suited for any training application or collaborative environment. Don’t be shy— get to know Motivate here!

Freshen up your space with Motivate in these 4 applications (it’s all about the color!):

Collaborative Work Environment:

Tangelo is definitely one of my new favorite colors and looks great on Motivate. Notice how well Motivate works with Voi!






Training Room:

Let’s face it. Sometimes training sessions can be loooooong. Comfort and support are key, and Motivate tables are designed to provide maximum legroom. Built-in power is another great feature.







Learning Environment:

I think I would’ve had a much easier time paying attention to my college professor had my classroom looked like this! The tables & presentation cart are also height-adjustable… love the flexibility.








Whether studying, having a quick impromptu meeting, or grabbing a bite to eat, Motivate stools & high tables look right at home here. Love the energy that Lime & Calypso give to this space!







Now it’s your turn. What kind of space can’t you wait to “Motivate”?